A Code Of Conduct For Bloggers

Is there no part of my life that is free from botherers? I have just received an email telling, yes telling me to become a protestant. Obviously I emailed back and said I'd love to but first you need to do something about the lack of visuals, incense and how about adopting few Voodoo rituals. Believe me that is the last time I ever ask the Wee Free's a serious theological question.

Anyway some sort of code of conduct for bloggers has been brought to my attention. Oh for Christ's sake just cock off! Is nothing sacred? All I ever wanted in life was a space to act the goat in without someone moaning that I'd trod on their prize marrow. Now we have this set of rules. To be fair they are voluntary -for now.

There is no need for it whatsoever. I find myself reminded of those kiss-arse children I was incarcerated at school with. Do you know that at one point they took at petition to the headmaster asking for the uniform rules to be enforced? And had the nerve to call me immature for sneering at them! Why in God's name would anyone campaign to have one of their meagre freedoms taken away?

As time goes by I start to relate to those Americans that live in shacks in the mountains with 526 rifles and mistrust the government.

If you don't want to read me, then fuck off! Now that is a code of conduct.



Anonymous said...

There is a tendency for those on blogs to behave like knobheads see Ramiie on the thread to your post on PP. They wouldn't dare say to a room full of people.

Face facts a lot of bloggers are cocks and are in need of a good slap.I will continue reading your blog but that is only because I want dating tips.

iLL Man said...

I think most people are fairly polite and courteous on other peoples blogs. Unless it's Terry Kelly, in which case it's open season and a few well aimed rotten vegetables for the fatman in the stocks.

Really though, a few wankers and we're getting all prissy? From my own experiences, Blogland pretty much governs itself and does a damn good job.

They can stick their naff sheriff's badge up their arses.

Theres more holes in this one than the Euston Manifesto.

Longrider said...

I've had a go at this one, too. They do seem to be in the minority, though.

Deacon Barry said...

By kiss-arse kids at school, you didn't have Wendy Alexander in mind did you?

Fat Sparrow said...

"Why in God's name would anyone campaign to have one of their meagre freedoms taken away?"

Because then they can lord it over the ones who don't follow the rules.

The whingers are generally the ones without a sense of humour, anyway, so they need to have the piss taken out of them. What really cracks me up is the ones yammering on about how their comments get deleted by blog owners, going on about censorship and their free-speech rights having been trampled upon. Get your own fucking soapbox, you crazed cunt; it's my fucking gaff, and I'll do what I want. If you came to my house and took a shite on my lawn, do you think I'd leave it there for you to admire? Get over yourself, and go froth at the mouth elsewhere. My blog is just that, MY BLOG. It's not a public forum, it's whatever I say it is.

"As time goes by I start to relate to those Americans that live in shacks in the mountains with 526 rifles and mistrust the government."

Join us. You know you want to. Practice with me now.... "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!"

fido said...

Code of conduct, utter rubbish. Bet it was some knob who has issues re the size of his cock and who reads the Guardian who thought that whole pile of horse crap up.

Bloody hell even worse it could be some New Labour cock like Terry Kelly.

iLL Man said...

Terry Kelly is 'New Labour'!!!!

Unreconstructed Old Labour dead-weight, time serving Gravy Train jockey more like it....

the_peoples_philosopher said...

as they say in their posts "badges we dont need no stinking badges" the yanks are so far up their own arses and are obsessed with pc and the rest however i will be putting this on my blog so that namby pamby lot wont be offended This is an open, uncensored forum. We are not responsible for the comments of any poster, and when discussions get heated, crude language, insults and other "off color" comments may be encountered. Participate in this site at your own risk

Anonymous said...

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