Ask Charlie

'One of the newest MSPs was also one of the dearest. Charles Gordon, who was elected Labour MSP for Glasgow Cathcart last September, billed taxpayers for £3571 for his first quarter in the job, although this included a number of start-up costs, such as a £50 Freeview TV box for his constituency office, and £159 worth of tea and coffee.'Tom Gordon in the Herald, 6 th October 2006.

There is nothing Clairwil enjoys more than reminding a cheeky councillor, MP or MSP that I pay their wages. There are two reasons for this, the first is that it's true and the second is that they must be sick hearing it. See, you can goad them beyond endurance without being at all unpleasant.

Anyway I was leafing through The Digger when I chanced upon one Charlie Gordon MSP taking fright at being questioned by a member of the public. It's almost the funniest thing I've ever heard. If you see Charlie on your travels, please ask him a question, taking care to remind him that your taxes paid for his Freeview box. Baiting this man could be more fun than the popular bloodsport of kicking Terry Kelly.

To return to Charlies traumatic encounter with the public, picture the scene. The volunteer staff of Merrylee Matters Community Initiative were doing a spot of gardening when Charlie 'Square-eyes' Gordon came a waddling down the street looking for votes. The volunteers couldn't believe their luck as they hadn't set eyes on Charlie since the last election. Heads full of silly ideas of accountability they seized the chance to ask the reclusive telly addict a question.

One of the volunteers asked Charlie why he'd done nothing to promote the work they did in the community, why he was ignoring the community and stated that he'd done nothing but line his pockets since being elected. A fair point and two good questions, more so when one takes into account the fact that Mr Gordon was head of Glasgow City Council when the notorious Chirnsyde Initiative was given funding.

Rather than just answer the bloody question Charlie and his researcher panicked. I found this detail particularly amusing '.....Gordon's researcher was acting like a child, waving his arms about in the street and demanding that the police come.' The police did come along later and stated that whilst they accepted no-one had been abusive or threatening towards Charlie they would still be charged with breach of the peace if they approached him again.

Like I said before baiting this cretin looks like a lot of fun. There really is only one reasonable response to this. Let's see if we can get his researcher to start bedwetting. We must all ask Charlie a question. Remember keep it polite.



Anonymous said...

This is why I love you clairwil your a mini version of rotten boroughs. Well worth a police caution is our Charles.

fido said...

He sounds like my local MP, the sort of twat who on the one hand bangs on about "freedoms" and with the other votes for ID cards.

Keep on asking about his expenses, the fucker needs to realise we pay his wages.

Therefore just like Terry he is also our pet.

Richard Havers said...

Brilliant. It makes me almost want to live in Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

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