Terror Attacks Cause Outbreak Of Drivel On The Web!

I have been following the coverage of the terror attack at Glasgow Airport with some interest. Against my better judgement I took a trip over to the BBC news 'Have Your Say' bit. Oh Lord! There are times when I think free speech is a terrible error. Then I think again and conclude that if everyone else is going to talk total nonsense who am I to swim against the tide?

First up we have people attempting to get to the root cause of why the airport was attacked. Quite frankly I think someone in authority should take these 'experts' at their word and send them to Guantanamo Bay for having a suspicious level of insider knowledge. I realise that's a bit unfair given that they're talking frightful rot but it's better than them being allowed to air their views and mislead impressionable children and other vulnerable people.

A popular explanation is of course the Iraq War. Quite why someone who felt that way would attack a country which has just elected a devolved government that are vocal opponents of the Iraq war is not explained or I suspect given any consideration. Something of an own goal for the terrorists there I'd have thought, if they were in a tizzy about Iraq.

Whilst I believe that situations like the Iraq War and so on don't do recruitment to terrorist organisations any harm at all they are not the root cause of Islamist terror. There are times when I'm tempted to start supporting the war in Iraq to distance myself from 'Iraq bores'. Honestly if I were to mention that the telly was a bit dull last night I wouldn't be surprised if someone responded well of course what do you expect when we've killed all those poor Iraqis.

There are loads of folk with solutions to the problem. Like ID cards. Saints preserve us. Asylum Seekers are presently obliged to carry ID cards and it doesn't appear to have had much bearing on terrorism prevention in the UK. In any case, is someone mad enough to set fire to themselves likely to be deterred by someone knowing who they are? I cannot see many future terror plots being abandoned with the words 'drat those infidels and their ID cards'.

The deport everyone brigade are out in full. Quite how this would sort out homegrown terrorists is unclear. What do they expect the government to do? Approach some Muslim country and explain 'we're having a spot of trouble with some Islamist terrorists and we thought with you being Muslims you wouldn't mind importing a selection of violent British nutters'. Somehow I can't see that one working. If someone who isn't British presents a threat to public safety then jail them and boot them out and the end of their sentence however it's not going to eliminate the threat.

Then we have some tosser moaning about Alex Salmond making a statement. Good Lord the way that Salmond carries on you'd think he was First Minister and Scotland had been attacked! That's all we need an uppity Scot getting narked and sticking his beak into matters that don't concern him. He'll only get it wrong and break things.

I think my favourite comment was by 'Claire'. 'I am 22 years old and should not feel unsafe in my own country'. What does being 22 have to do with it you bloody fool? Why she didn't just write 'I am a pampered halfwit who descends into a footstamping hissy fit each time the world shows itself to be less than perfect' and have done with it I don't know. Six months in Iraq would sort her out. As if being 22 grants one the right to special protection!

An improbably named gentleman, one 'Mr Buttomungous' claims to have seen four chaps acting suspiciously in a Silver Mercedes last autumn. However he didn't report this or anything sensible like that in case someone thought he was a racist. I think that is quite the silliest thing ever said by any human being anywhere. Why would anyone publicly confess to finding the though of an accusation of racism as being worse than failure to report a potential terrorist attack?

Mind you abuse of the right of free speech is nothing to the abuse of the English language on that board. It's a well known fact that English is the worlds greatest language, I myself refuse to speak any other, even when overseas. I rather fancy the foreigners enjoy the challenge, in any case I always get my egg and chips. To return to the BBC website, if I find people communicating with grunts and fire in the next couple of hours I won't raise so much as an eyebrow in surprise. Instead I shall draw some stick men and jump up and down.

Finally would you all think less of me if I confess to feeling a warm glow at living in a city with citizens mad and heroic enough to punch out a psyched up burning terrorist? The only thing that would have made me happier would be if they'd beaten him with Irn Bru bottles pausing only to light a fag off the flames.



Anonymous said...

You spent the best part of a day fisking those half wits? You need more booze.

David Duff said...

I agree with the implication behind your pleasure that some Glaswegians got stuck in, that is, that one of the dumbest ideas these nitwits had was to try their luck in Glasgow, of all places! They're lucky they didn't get to be suicide bombers by mistake!

However, the reason I'm here is to add to my education, so can you please tell me what an "Irn Bru" bottle is? (I know, I know, but I'm an old southern git and I just don't know these things!)

Anonymous said...

"Drive a flaming car into my airport ? I'll chib you, ya cunt !"

Clairwil said...

Zin Zin,
Don't worry I started the post earlier then had to stop to visit Mummy before finishing.

Irn Bru is a popular Scottish soft drink. I believe Scotland is the only country in the western world where Coca Cola isn't the bestseller. Proper Irn Bru bottles are made of heavy glass and pack quite a wallop!.

Indeed. They'll think twice before they try that on us again. Bastards.

iLL Man said...

I thought it was an extension of the postal strike or something. You know, the Union of Professional Stunt Men, coming out in sympathy..........

Hate to blow the image of mad Weegies tackling a burning loon in an airport, but wasn't the guy extinguished before he decided to do a runner? Still, commendable stuff from the onlookers.

boudica of suburbia said...

Must be rather embarrassing to be a failed kamikaze

Fat Sparrow said...

"Finally would you all think less of me if I confess to feeling a warm glow at living in a city with citizens mad and heroic enough to punch out a psyched up burning terrorist?"

Not at all, not at all, carry on.

I don't know what those idiots were thinking, trying to take on Glasgow. Waaaaayyy out of their league.

Will said...

Amazing... Osama bin Laden avoids detection by Coalition forces for so long, but al-Qa'ida never reckoned with Buckfast!

David Duff said...

"a popular Scottish soft drink".

Is that some sort of oxymoron?

Clairwil said...

No but it is a popular hangover cure. Some people mix it with our other national drink which in my opinion is taking patritism too far.

bama_lou said...

Clairwil, I'm sure you've already seen this but it gave me a chuckle at work today - www.johnsmeaton.com

Lordy, only in Glasgow

flychek said...

clairwil. You are very funny...your post made me smile!!!!

Anonymous said...

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