Steady On Lass!

As I've mentioned once or twice before embittered, old drunk Tanya Gold rips my knitting something awful. However this time she has managed to completely astonish me with her outburst of psychotic snobbery at beauty contests of all things.

I must confess I can't really get terribly worked up about them, I don't think they tell us much about women generally or even women who enter beauty contests. I just wish the contestants were a bit more honest and instead of wittering on about world peace would just fess up that they want to win so they can fuck the entire premier league. In fact anyone who gave an answer like that should win no matter what they look like.

Anyway I can only imagine Tanya has been reading the works of the Marquis de Sade and possibly Nuts. How else do you explain her desire to 'to strip them of their degrees - and their over-moisturised heads - and use them as battering rams. Or tampons. (I hereby patent the idea of using beauty queens with degrees as tampons'? That was after she described the contests themselves as 'slagfests'. Good Lord! I thought it was the dreaded 'male gaze' we were all meant to flee in terror from but the 'Gold gaze' is only slightly less sinister than waking up to find Peter Sutcliffe peering in your window.

Worst of all for me was her sneering at the contestants poor spelling -a consequence of the poor education they received which she utterly fails to realise means that entering beauty contests is one of the few means they have of making anything resembling decent money. Sorry I just find something rather distasteful about a spoiled, stuck up, whiny, self pitying little fuck pig sneering at disadvantaged folk making the best of a bad lot. Perhaps that's what really gets her goat. If the women she wants to behead had been born with her advantages and opportunities they'd be doing ten times better in life than her whereas if she's been born where they were she wouldn't even have beauty contests as an escape route. The more usual feminist view of women in beauty contests as victims is not one I share but it is, all things considered preferable to behead the slags.

I wouldn't mind but she's the first to whine if you 'speak viciously' about one of her cronies at The Guardian. Rude as I am about Bindel I have never wanted to shove her up my fanny. Not even once for a laugh. Still I wouldn't like to be in Tanya's shoes when Stephanie Crabtree finds out what she's been saying.



Anonymous said...

Who hates women? Er, Women.

I don't understand this obsession that women have with how other women look. Men don't slagg off how other men for being ugly, so why do women? As for Tanya: Glenda Slagg on crack.

Lets wish Brooker a speedy recovery.

joe90 kane said...

Men don't slagg off how other men for being ugly...
- They don't need to as they obvioulsy present no threat to them in the competition for women (or men).

I don't understand this obsession that women have with how other women look
- I always assumed that men were also fastidious about women's looks too.
Indeed, jobs, careers, futures hinged on wether women turned the men on or not.
What women thought of one another didn't come into it.

The more usual feminist view of women in beauty contests as victims is not one I share but it is, all things considered preferable to behead[ing] the slags.
- Exactly Clairwil.

In fact, if I was a woman and it was a choice between -
- earning a crust in beauty pageants -
- or sticking my hand up frozen chickens' arses for minimum rates of pay, stuck in a windowless airless metal box for eight hours every day of the year, in a factory stuck in the middle of soulless industrial estate -
- I think I know which one I'd choose.

Sticking working-class lassies into factories is as much exploitation as sticking them into glamourous (a good ghaidlig word by the way 'glamour') outifts, bikinis etc.

all the best!

joe90 kane said...

I meant to post this.

Early Day Motion EDM 1240
Richard Younger-Ross MP
UK Parliament
31 Mar 2009

I meant to say,
that it's the 'image' that the industry aimed at women projects that I object to.

I've really no idea how some of these so-called models are meant to be attractive or the ideal of female beauty - emaciated stick insects who need a couple of good plates of stovies inside them.

Anonymous said...

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