It's Not Us it's You.

Some of you may recall I wrote a rather rude post a while back about Tanya Gold. Would you believe it she's annoyed me again?

On my internet travels -well checking my stats and scrutinising what brought people to this well of loneliness, I came across Tanya's account of speed dating.

This article or rather disgraceful piece of snobbery and hollow intellectual boasting just about sums this moron up. It poses the question which I'm sure we've all asked ourselves, do men prefer 'dazzlingly literate human rights lawyers' or 'gibbering idiots who work as florists'.

It's perhaps symptomatic of living in a predominantly working class city but snobbery of this variety always knocks me off my feet. Has some form of class apartheid been introduced where Ms Gold lives? I merely ask because her idea of what she thinks folk who work in florists must be like beggars belief.

In the interests of research Fat Tan hauls her vast arse out speed dating, the first time pretending to be a human rights lawyer and the second pretending to be a florist. She skews her research by cunningly behaving like an aggressive, objectionable bore in her guise as a lawyer. What this is meant to tell us about men isn't clear. I cannot stand people who endlessly bang on about their qualifications or folk who try and foist their opinions on you at totally inappropriate moments and I'm a woman. Is a speed dating event really the right place to air your views on wearing leather or the Middle East?

Of course unlike Fat Tan I'm not not single and even when I was I didn't really mind. I've always been able to get along nicely, anything additional is just a bonus. Poor Tan -a fine brain and not a shred of dignity or self reliance! Even when I was single I was rarely short of company, perhaps that's why I never felt the need to write self pitying articles complaining that men don't fancy me.

Anyway to return to her contempt for florists of all people. What on earth this largely female group of semi-skilled working class people did to rile feminist Tanya is never explained but her contempt for them is obvious. To convince her potential suitors she is a florist she giggles a lot, pretends not to know what a geneticist is, asks what a chair is, asks why water is wet and most hilarious of all pretended that she wanted to open her own florists.

I drew the conclusion a while back that what most western feminists mean by women's rights is the world saying how high when a middle class women says jump. We see endless articles by stuck up middens on juggling career and motherhood or the pain of being mildly rebuked for some lifestyle choice or another but precious few on juggling a life worth living with a pitiful existence in a theocracy or the miserable lot of elderly women on crime ridden council schemes.
I wouldn't mind if they'd at least be honest about it. Perhaps we could do a deal those folk interested in the well being of women could call ourselves feminists and Tanya Gold and chums could be known as Violet Elizabeth Bott's Barmy Army. At least that way we'd all know what we were getting. Honestly every time Tanya Gold uses the word feminist I want to alert Trading Standards or reach for a blunt instrument.



Anonymous said...

I have a posh aunt who lives on the wirral and floristry is one of her hobbies, my point is floristry is not a WC profession.

Her social skills are absolutely dreadful

Clairwil said...

Well I think as a paid job it is WC as a hobby or a business of course is a different thing entirely.

iLL Man said...

Possibly the most retarded and vile excuse for journalism I've ever read. The first comment under the article pretty much covers it. Talk about skewing the figures.

Mind you, I get the feeling her 'Human Rights Lawyer' guise isn't a kick in the arse off her own true personality.

Katy Newton said...

Blunt instrument! Blunt instrument!

Clairwil said...

Katy you are a very naughty bloodthirsty lady!

Anonymous said...

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