I Didn't See That One Coming!

Good God! I turn my back for five minutes and find my name taken in vain in the comments section of Scotland's top newspaper.

Unlike big Tezz I don't secretly like the attention, I openly love it! Still Mummy is dead chuffed that I didn't end up all over the gutter press and instead was the subject of comment in a respectable paper. To think people thought I'd missed out on the top notch Harrington genes. I am a toff I just hide it better than some.

Still the whole thing confirms my view of journalists. Terrywatch was not a hate site until very recently at which point I left. Prior to the disgusting posts in early May. It was mainly poking fun with the odd personal rant thrown in. In other words it was perfectly reasonable political comment. Well seeing it's fine for Jasper Hamill to characterise the contributors as a load of right wing nutters based on the actions of one contributor but not a word on Terry's personal attacks on all who oppose him. Is it just me or should an experienced politician not be able to use reasoned political argument to take on his opponents? Well why bother when you have a typewriting Labour lapdog at your disposal. Or did Wendy call in a favour?

I also note that Jasper is quite happy to lie about when the racist hate mail started to make his article more interesting. Nor does he mention that when accused of being responsible several contributors condemned it and offered to supply their details to the police. I personally am not a racist so quite why I would be sending Terry Kelly racist mail I don't know. One of the few things he has my full support on on is his staunch anti-racism.

Terrywatch as a whole fully deserved to be condemned for that post. It was grotesque, misogynistic, vile and contemptible. I'm glad it's been taken down but sorry it took such a one sided article to do it.

Still given Terry's contempt for The Herald he must be fizzing at gracing their pages at all or is it alright when it says what he wants to hear. It's so confusing one minute Labour are victims of the unseen SNP hand manipulating the media, the next they're all friends. Is it just me or do they sound like bitter Rangers fans?



iLL Man said...

I missed the whole shebang! First I saw of it was the article in todays Sunday Herald.

I never regarded it as a hate site, though the prescence of at least one contributer ensured that I looked in on the place very infrequently.

Clairwil said...

Same here. I've not had any involvement in it since the beginning of last month but the blame the bird mentality prevails with folk like Plobotsky.

Obviously one can't control who reads one's blog but folk like him I could do without. Any long term reader knows my email address is available on the sidebar. He's had at least five weeks to contact me about that awful post -even though it's nothing to do with me. Yet he chose not to do so.

Instead he's chosen to attack me unfairly on a public forum. You will note that he's too cowardly to go for than man responsible. Funny that. I cannot imagine what I've said or done to give him the impression I'm an easy target.

transfattyacid said...

Looks like a bit of party political knockabout to me.

If Councillor Kelly had to put up with what I have to put with from Mike Hitchen, then he'd have something to moan about

Fidothedog said...

Oh what fun, I see this one dragging on for such a long time.

iLL Man said...

He regards you as a more rewarding target. He's obviously clued up on you from reading yr blog and PP stuff, and fancies having a dig.

Clairwil said...

Jesus! I don't even know the man- what could have got his dander up?

I'd genuinely love to know how I'm responsible for the unacceptable stuff. I have enough trouble taking responsibility for my own actions let alone those of a chap living in another country who I've never met.

No doubt I'll feel a fool when I get the answer.

Clairwil said...

Oh and I've been accused of working for a 'publicly-funded refugee community organisation'.

Funny that, of the 14 people employed in my work, four receive government funding and don't work on my project. I myself am funded by two of the worlds major religions and a bank. The last time I checked all these folk were free to splash out on me if they wished.

Jim said...

I can sympathise entirely. The Herald recently did an article on me for using the F-word on my blog.

The story stated I had been disciplined, which was not true at all, and also stated I had a "fondness for Steven Seagal". Which is something of a twist on the fact that I have Seagal down as one of the musicians I like in my profile.

Fairly crap reporting on all counts I'd say.

Jeff said...

I don't know, I've always thought "Terry Watch" was a pretty ugly stain on the Scottish blogging scene. A random blogger "poking fun" at another blogger is fair game. A whole gang of bloggers bullying another one is a "hate site" in my book.

It sounds like this Jasper guy has been a bit sloppy though, mentioning your name (and others) and then leaving the reader to join some incorrect dots but the overall picture is still a bit unsightly from my viewpoint.

To be honest, even though Terry Kelly's a grown man, it all reminds me of the poor schoolkid in each year group that gets the sh*t kicked out of him no matter what he does.

I'd resist any future urges and leave him alone to say what he likes if I were you, but that's just my tuppence worth.

Anonymous said...

Has Shotgun apologised for any of this?

Clairwil said...

'The Herald recently did an article on me for using the F-word on my blog.'

Good God! Do they have nothing better to write about?

I'd agree that recently Terrywatch was pretty much as you describe. Prior to that it was just a bit of piss taking and fisking. I have to say Terry really brought a lot of it on himself by banning folk and deleting comments. His blog, his rules but he really can't be surprised when people bite back particularly when he is so personally abusive towards them. Unless Terry writes about me or does something really out of the ordinary I've no plans to write about him -though during future council elections it might be hard to resist a dig. The article was pretty sloppy. Particularly in it's inference that the contributors to Terrywatch were somehow responsible for he hate mail he received.


'Has Shotgun apologised for any of this?'

What do you think?

Jeff said...


Fair comments one and all, I can't argue with any of that.

Sunny said...

sweeeet! and they mention PP too! hehe

Ben said...

I agree that the doctored images were in poor taste, but that is no justification for the jaundiced article that was produced in what is upposed to be a quality newspaper. It pays no attention to the impact it can have on the life of RFS and his family.

I have been watching the Councillors website for some time since it was brought to my attention and I find it unbelievable that an elected councillor can adopt the stance he does with people.

ps good blog

Clairwil said...

I don't even know RFS except through the internet but I really feel very sorry for him. He's ended up carrying the can for this and at time when he's under a bit of scrutiny, has that arsehole Kelly continuing to imply that he's a danger to children on his blog. I'm sure I don't need to spell out the potential consequences of that.

To make allegations that could result in a man and his family being subject to a traumatic investigation or place all of them in real physical danger, based on no evidence is wicked.

If there's any bright side to this it looks like Terry is about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Anonymous said...

I see Cllr Kelly has mentioned you on his blog again..........

Clairwil said...

I can't help but think that this whole debacle is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him.

Still as he's so obviously out for a reaction I shall refrain from responding for the time being.

Do keep it coming Terry -it's a hoot.

Jasper said...

Clairwil is about to be exposed. Buy The Herald this Sunday.

Clairwil said...

Ooooh! Do you want a picture I've got some belters!

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