A Minority Of One

Having watched the news I appear to be a minority of one in that I'm alone in applauding David Davis for his resignation.

Naturally the words 'applauding David Davis' have put me in a state of shock but I'll limp on. It is a funny one though, isn't it telling that the ITV News seemed to be more worried about what it would do to his career than anything else? They then went on to make everyone who supports the decision look like a maniac. They showed a woman who'd incredibly been spied on by her local council, Brian Haw and then people who don't even live in London! Northeners I think. Good luck to him for taking a stand.

Obviously it would be a lot better if all the MPs in particularly Labour MPs who felt the same did the same triggering by-elections throughout the land but that sort of thing involves principles and self-sacrifice so don't be foolish and hold your breath. After all it's not going to be them or their families that are affected.

Most of those who voted for this outrage were bought and paid for. To be for it and support it is one thing but to sell out is loathsome.

Until I get a cast iron guarantee that the police won't misuse their new powers, that future governments won't take yet more power away from us and that victims of miscarriages of justice will be treated better than the guilty then I'm against granting the state any extension to it's powers. Oh and can anyone tell me how many Provisional I.R.A bombings happened because the police couldn't hold folk for 42 days?

I recently had the good fortune to hear Gerry Conlon (Guildford Four) speak and cannot help but reflect on the fact it took seven days to fit him up. What could be made to stick after 42 days is a terrifying thought. Particularly if the officers like Richard Munro are any measure of the police forces rotten apples.

As more confidential documents end up abandoned on public transport I'm coming round to the view that the government shouldn't be allowed to know anything about the governed let alone have the power to lock them up. The 42 days have nothing to do with a wish to protect us. You only have to see how careless they are with our personal information to see that. This isn't care it's control and I sincerely hope that every single MP who supported this rots slowly from the feet up.

Now let's pray Davis is re-elected otherwise he'll look a a right banana and Gordon will think we're on his side and really let us have it.


UPDATE: That prick Andrew Neil has just used the word principles in a mocking tone in reference to the Davis resignation. If there is a God Neil will be the first to be detained.

UPDATE: Actually scratch that let's lock Kelvin McKenzie up for 420 years. Then throw bricks at him.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

It's unbelievable isn't it?! I'm with you, it's great to finally see a politician behave with some conviction, regardless of party alliegance.
I rather suspect though that the media will manage to turn this into a foolish/pointless move, bastards! BG

last year's girl said...

I'm with you too. It's rare I'm the least cynical among my friends.

Rob F said...

Richard Corbett has been going on about a minority of one, too. How one country (Ireland, of course), has been allowed to override the wishes of the rest of the countries in the EU.

The fact that the Irish were the only people to be allowed a referendum is to him, apparently totally irrelevant.

Getting back on topic (finally!), I totally applaud Mr Davies. Thank God there are still politicians out there with standards and the courage of their convictions.

Anonymous said...

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