Oh Lordy Here Come The Nazis......

' Our time is comming
Tommoro Belongs To Me' -BNP Supporter -Stormfront Web Forum

Vote BNP if you don't want the whole of London and Britain, turning into the ape and reptile enclosures of London Zoo!' -BNP Member -Stormfront Web Forum


As I'm sure we are all aware following last week's laughable party political broadcast the BNP are fielding
thirty-two morons for election next month. What a bunch they are!

First up we have Kenny Smith standing in Glasgow, he's hard to describe really, though freaky, Nazi geek isn't a bad start.

'SMITH sickened neighbours on his native Lewis by waving a swastika flag on Hitler's birthday.

As Scottish secretary, he vets potential recruits to the BNP and introduces them to their members and officials.

Smith is known for smooth-talking in public and projects himself as the acceptable face of the party. But in private, he is quick to launch into racist bile.'

Imagine living next door to that!

Next up is David Kerr, his hobbies include goosestepping in the vicinity of brown skinned people in an effort to start a race war. I'm not making this up!

'PART of BNP's security team and a candidate in national elections, Kerr is a key player in Scotland.

He was among 58 fans prevented from attending Scotland's match with Norway in Bordeaux, France, during the 1998 World Cup.

Kerr, from Port Glasgow, has organised marches in areas with large ethnic minority populations in the hope of provoking 'race war'.'

Steven Blake is the closet to what passes for normal in that he hasn't been caught masturbating in Nazi regalia- yet. Though he is a fan of some foreign imports....

'THE top-rated BNP political candidate in Scotland, he stood in the Euro elections this year but got less than two per cent of the vote. He runs an IT firm in Stirlingshire but business contacts are unaware of his shadowy politics.

Blake is responsible for the BNP's website, and in the 1980s he imported hardcore Nazi material from the US. He runs Digital Scotland, an IT firm who list work for Edinburgh Cyrenians, a respectable homelessness charity , in their portfolio.

The charity confirmed they had paid the company up to £5000 to run their website but emphasised they were unaware of BNP links.'

It's business as usual for southside uberned Scott McLean

'BNP national deputy chairman and Scotland's regional organiser .

He stood at recent Euro elections and preaches on 'family values'.

Yet, he was photographed giving a Nazi salute at a 'Blood and Honour' Nazi skinhead festival in Scotland. McLean, 33, is a former Glasgow City Council joiner who quit after his views were revealed.

He was involved in gang fights between whites and Asians while at Bellahouston Academy . He joined the BNP aged 18. He has mixed with BNP extremists and others throughout Europe, including members of the notorious Combat 18 Nazi gang.'

What an impressive C.V.

I wonder what Charlie Baillie, another of the 32 BNP candidates makes of all this Nazi love as he took part in the BNP's Rememberance Sunday ceremony. Good Lord! What are they mourning the loss of Nazi life in WW2?

We also have Gary Raikes who apparently takes a dim view of anti-social behaviour. He will, I'm sure be having a stern word with a few of his fellow candidates about their antics.

Walter Hamilton is a particularly disgusting, reprehensible piece of shit who's 'finest' hour to date has been his attempt to exploit the death of Kriss Donald, by hassling his family to win BNP votes.

This next lot will presumably not be displaying much local knowledge having been imported from down south to make up the shortfall.

'Among the candidates in the Highlands and Islands region for the Scottish parliament elections is Roger Robertson, a south-east England organiser. The Lothians sees Sadie Graham from the East Midlands and Tim Rait, who unsuccessfully stood in Maidenhead in the 2005 general election. Mid Scotland and Fife has Michaela MacKenzie, who stood in Warwickshire North two years ago. Meanwhile, the West of Scotland region has Kevin Scott, north-east of England regional organiser.'

The last thing Scottish politics needs is more cretins. Fingers crossed for 32 lost deposits.



The Green Arrow said...

Some interesting information there.

Let me think. No I guess I will still vote for the only party that speaks up for the True British People.

Roll on B.N.P. Day - May 3rd

Clairwil said...

Standing up for British people by dressing up as German Nazis? Interesting technique.

Anonymous said...

BNP the only party unhappy with the result of WW2.

nookie bear said...

Standing up for them? How? By being serially incompetent when elected and possessing the reasoning skills of a petulant child.

Oh, and the true British people you refer to....The Celts? I agree, Send those Anglo-Saxon bastards back to where they came from! Come on, the boats are waiting.......

Clairwil said...

Ah they are without doubt a scummy organisation. You will therefore imagine how distressed I am at being denounced as a BNP/Nazi sympathizer on this thread.


When I first saw it, I was upset, the meds must be kicking in because now I'm fucking furious.

iLL Man said...

It's the unfortunate problem of tackling a volatile issue like race with an argument that makes people uncomfortable, dares to address what it is that really makes people vote BNP and doesn't blandly state the obvious by saying how terribly awful racism is and leave it there. It's undeniable that the BNP use the "Standing Up For The White Working Classes" tack, so I think that's what some people are seeing in the piece, without actually bothering to read it fully.

Theres a bit of a Pavlovian response going on with a lot of the more threatening comments, I wouldn't bother about them to be honest. If they can't work it out for themselves, they never will.....

Clairwil said...

I know you're right but I'm fucking furious. Anyway I've got it out my system (see above).

iLL Man said...

Fuck being right. I had no idea someone ripped it without your permission.

Having re-read it again, I can still only conclude that they have failed to actually comprehend what you are saying. Some people don't like having their own shite served up in front of them.

Clairwil said...

It's a pain in the arse. No idea why it was posted on that thread. It's clear to me that with one or two exceptions it's pointless trying to discuss anything with those fucktards.

Clairwil said...

In fact the creeps quoted above are every bit as bad as what they claim to be against.

the_peoples_philosopher said...

god help us if the BNP even get a snif of a seat in any council , just shows you though that there are some right nasty fucks out there , makes you wonder what planet they are on

Osama Saeed said...

They've had to bring people up from England in order to have enough candidates to qualify for a TV broadcast. The irony of them using favourable immigration rules shouldn't be lost.

ANTI NAZI said...

You think this bloger is not a nazi. See my blog for proof shes a white nationalist this blog is a total front, if very well done.

Dont be taken in,

Will said...

Far be it from me to tell anti-nazi campaigners how to do their job, but if you're going to publicise your blog, wouldn't it be wise to link to it, or at least give us the address?

iLL Man said...

They wouldn't want to do that. Clairwil might find out who's been sending her threatening emails if they did.....

Clairwil said...

Mercifully I don't think they're standing for council in Scotland. In the event one is elected to parliament at least the spotlight will be on them so everyone can see what moronic trash they are and boot them out asap. That is if they manage to serve a term without being jailed.

I know. Though I suppose we should draw some comfort from them having insufficient Scottish candidates to stand and judging by those they did dredge up, they seem to be struggling.

Ill Man & Will

Yes and they might have to come up with evidence, rather than hurling insults.

Anonymous said...

OK I feel left out!

Can you maybe invent some drivel about me?

Colin Cox
Mid Scotland & Fife Candidate (BNP)

Clairwil said...

Good Lord!
A visit from the master race! I'm afraid you credit me with too much imagination, Mr Cox. As you will see the above post has these things called links. If you click on them you'll find the source. I'm afraid I didn't 'invent' the 'drivel' above, I merely repeated it.

However feel free to correct any inaccuracies here. We will be looking for evidence, being a bit suspicious of Nazis. What with WW2 and all that. While you're at would you mind awfully explaining all this Holocaust denial business.

Piglugz said...

Great entertainment ,i'll look out for you on the next performers listings at the comedy club.

Those nasty NAAARTSYS,too funny and oh so original.

Anonymous said...

Holocaust Denial?

I 100% categorically DO NOT Deny the Holocaust took place and never have done.

So no made up drivel about me then?

I must be a good 'Nazi' huh?

Nice reliable sources you have there too!

It really is pathetic that people cannot debate policy, rather they would resort to name calling as they do not have a counter argument!

Colin Cox

Clairwil said...

Thanks. I'll give you a wave from the stage.

Mr Cox,
Well you would say the stories quoted above are untrue. I'll be more than happy to amend them if you can supply evidence to show they are incorrect.

I'm pleased to hear that you don't go in for Holocaust denial. Though I'm sure you are aware many BNP supporters do and Nick Griffin saying that people should 'make their own minds up' hardly distances your party from such views. We don't have to make our minds up as to whether any other historical events happened so why is the Holocaust any different?

Other than wanting to deport half my neighbours and exploiting a tragic, local, racist murder. I'm not really certain what your policies are.

I have one of your leaflets which someone very kindly put through my door but I'm afraid it's rather short on detail.

It states that the BNP are against anti-social behaviour, immigration and asylum seekers. All paries claim to be against crime and anti-social behaviour, I'm not really sure what you intend to do about it if elected.

Given Scotlands underpopulation I can't see the harm in a reasonable amount of immigration. You use the term 'bogus asylum seeker' which I find a bit off putting. Everyone has the right to seek asylum what they do not have is the right to be granted it. Asylum seekers are not being given any more than anyone else on benefits and most in my experience would rather not receive handouts. Yes there is the odd con artist and they should be kicked out but I'm quite happy to see genuine refugees come here. In fact I feel very proud to come from a country that people want to come to.

Anonymous said...

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