You Can't Tax Me, I'm Special.

Good God, I see Tracey Emin is pulling a Phil Collins and threatening to leave the country for tax purposes. Well don't let the door bang your arse on the way out, dear. I know it's always argued that if you say anything snide about someone rich moaning about tax it's because one is jealous and has posters of Arthur Scargill on the wall. I can't speak for anyone else because in order to do so I'd have to make the effort to find out what they think and I can't be bothered. It won't be interesting. So instead I shall speak for myself. I'm not jealous of her wealth because the only reason she's richer than me is that I haven't found a lucrative racket as yet but I'm confident I will at some stage between now and the grave. I pity her being such a tightwad. I try to avoid complaining about tax in case people think I'm poor. I have my pride.

I also pity her for being such a thicko about the whole tax thing. First she complains that she's going to be charged so much tax she'll be forced to go and live in France. Of course on the face of it 40% income tax seems quite attractive in comparison to 50% but it fails to take into account VAT of 19.6%, bank interest charged at 18%, 8% 'Social Charges', Social Security charges of anything from 13% to 22%, optional health care charges of 8% and not one but two local taxes. If I were averse to taxation the last place on earth I'd be going is France.

Furthermore if I were averse to taxation I wouldn't be whining that the French subsidise more artists than we do. Oh and if I had made myself rich through art I might refrain from gurning about the lack of government subsidy for art in the UK when I'm not willing to pay for it. She's done alright off tax payers money and I suspect would be the first to through a blue fit if we all started demanding value for our money. I mean, I thought our Trace was quite the hoot when I thought Saatchi was paying for it, had I known we were in on the whip round I'd have taken a sterner view.

Quite frankly it speaks volumes that her main objections to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is the cost. It's also telling that she reckons the Olympics are a waste of money. Taxpayers generosity it seems should not extend to any industry Tracey doesn't benefit from personally. It may surprise Tracey to learn that the world, let alone the UK tax system is not there for her sole benefit. Truly taxes are for the little people. I'm quite sure France is similarly indifferent to Emin's financial situation, unless of course we are on the cusp of an episode even more horrifying than the French revolution.



David O'Keefe said...

I couldn't care less about the rich and the wealthy moaning about paying tax and threatening to leave the country, But thank you for pointing out Emin's idiocy. I thought she was quite bright(conning that rich tory twit Saatchi), but it turns out that Mr Saatchi is a pretentious fool with too much money.

To conclude, I always thought that Saatchi's taste in art was an argument in favour of taxing the rich. If only to prevent them foisting their taste in art upon us all.

Clairwil said...

I always thought that Saatchi's taste in art functioned as a sort of laughter trickle down effect. Rich man blows a fortune on something preposterous, rest of country falls about laughing. But more seriously you are right all that crap he's buying up distorts the market in favour of these chancers. There's not much we can do bar pray that the rich get more cultured.

iLL Man said...

A truly mediocre hack of an 'artist'. I'm not sure I hate the French enough to want her to go and live there.