Madness, Racists, BNP

As you might be aware two racist MEPs were elected to the European Parliament last week. You certainly will be aware if you read Comment is Free -they're obsessed. For me it reached the stage where if I couldn't see a new BNP article I felt unsettled, like I'd put my pants on back to front but not realised the cause of my unease until I was at the bus stop on my way to work.

Anyway on the plus side it has provided an opportunity for the Guardian reading BNP members to put across their point of view. Truly the world has gone mad! Guardian reading BNP voters. I can scarcely credit it myself but there it is. If you struggle to imagine such a creature, chippy call centre manager on a race rant about sums it up.

Truly they are a strange breed. If you ask the perfectly reasonable question is the BNP racist? they start waving the Black Police Association around like it's a talisman to ward off enquiring liberal spirits. I refrain from commenting on CIF for fear of getting any more drawn into to it but I must confess the BNP can't be racist because the Black Police Association is racist line of argument did tempt me to intervene. To me it's perfectly simple, of course the Black Police Association is racist. For heaven's sake the name alone is a dead giveaway. The members are police officers, of course they're racists.

Mind you I'm baffled by the BNP belief that the answer to the question is the BNP racist depends on whether or not some black police officers are racist. Has a racism quota been introduced behind my back? We may be a small island but surely there must be room for the BNP and the BPA to be racist at the same time. Bloody hell! We are in a sorry state if even our professional racists can't live together harmoniously. Still perhaps the problem between our warring racists arises from the fact that the BPA allows any police officer from any ethnic background to join whereas the BNP's constitution forbids anyone who isn't white joining. There vis also the small but important point that the BPA do not demand removal of rights for whites. In contrast the BNP believe in rights for whites and whites alone in common with every other white racist on the planet. In other words the BNP is racist whereas the BPA do not have racist agenda.

If the racist BNP fans aren't waving the BPA in the air, they're complaining that no one wants to debate their policies. Naturally this provokes someone to read their manifesto and try to debate them on policy only for them to act like their maiden aunt has farted with what Kenneth Williams once described, as alarming ferocity, during a lull in conversation as they frantically try to change the subject, lest anyone should be coarse enough to mention auntie's dirty interjection.

It's terribly unfair. I'd love to debate many BNP policies but they won't answer a single question I ask. It's not just me other's have questioned them on their manifesto pledges and they can't answer. Look at this CIF thread and work your way forward. Even articulate, intelligent BNP supporters can't answer reasonable questions, answers to which would trip off the tongue of any normal party loyalist. It's tempting to assert they can't answer because they're stupid but I rather fancy it's because they are the racist totalitarians we always knew they were. They really are too dishonest and cowardly to stand for election on their true principles. I'm sorry but not even that pathetic left-right mish mash of a manifesto convinces me that they're anything other than lunatic racists who'd happily wreck the economy and every other institution in this nation in pursuit of a white UK. Whatever your views on immigration levels that is something we could all do without.


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