It Just Sort of Spiralled.....

If you were any sort of company as a child you are likely to recall an episode where you told a small buck-passing fib to get yourself out of hot water with your parents. Only to find it getting out of hand as your parents attempt to take matters further by bawling at one of your friends or worse involving their parents. That is of course where it get's tricky and ever more elaborate tales are required to put them off the scent. I have a vague memory of fitting up a friend over the discovery of 20 Benson and Hedges in my bedroom only to have the bitch refuse to take the rap.

I am not of course for a moment implying that the Belgian teenager with the tattooed face is pulling a similar fast one but you have to wonder. It is, I suppose entirely possible to walk into a tattoo parlour ask to have three stars etched onto your face, fall asleep and find the tattooist has added an extra fifty three stars. It's just that the tattoo artists explanation for it sounds more plausible 'She agreed, but when her father saw it, the trouble started'. Her credibility is also undermined by the correlation between facial tattoos and lunacy.

Still you have to feel for the girl. Not only is she stuck with that monstrosity on her face but her parents have gone legal with the whole thing. I think the only sensible moves left to her are to flee the family home, plead temporary insanity or blame the paranormal.



iLL Man said...

I can't understand how anyone can fall asleep whilst having any part of their body tattooed, never mind their face.

Clairwil said...

It reminds me rather of the time mummy came home to find the front door had been kicked in. Apparently my brother had tripped going up the stairs soared about four feet through the air and accidentially hit the door with his head, whereupon a whole large enough for him to climb through appeared in the glass. Which was quite lucky as he didn't have his keys on him.

joe90 kane said...

Scotland holds the world record for the biggest tattoo, maybe -
Pictured: The tattooed Leopard Man of Skye trades his island lair for a comfy retirement home
The Daily hate Mail
27 Oct 2008

A picture paints a thousand words - these tattoos are like something out of a Kafka story -
Making your mark: The world's most bizarre tattoos - Number 7
The Independent

David Duff said...

Clairwil, off topic, the following might be of interest:


iLL Man said...

Interesting. Thing is, I can't make head nor tail of certain parts of the article. It looks like it was edited by a drunk. It seems there are chunks of the story missing and there are a fair few non-sequiters in there too.

I'd also like to know more about her contact with Mrs Rashid. As I said, there's a fair bit missing from the piece, which seems to have been published in the process of being edited.

I think the Police deserve a cuff on the ear too. What were they thinking when they told this poor woman to contact the council over something that they obviously wouldn't give a flying fuck about?

David Duff said...

Well, it's the Daily Mail, innit!

Clairwil said...

Thanks for that. It doesn't surprise me. I'm currently assisting a client deal with some horrid problems with the anti-social behaviour of his neighbours and quite frankly there is a good chance of me ending up on a similar list.

The attitude of the council seems to be that the deplorable standard of behaviour is normal for the area so there is no valid complaint. To be fair they have a point but they wouldn't if they didn't persist in housing ex-cons and drug addled losers in such high numbers in the one place.

It's been reported elsewhere. Miss Rashid is crybaby twit.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me that the Mail and telegraph can produce such differing accounts of the same event.

As for Rashid, I know the type, a nine and a half out of ten passive-aggressive bitch. Slough doesn't deserve her.