'Prisons are bursting at the seams, while crime rates appear to be falling. It doesn't make sense'

I hate to come over all law and order on you all but is it possible that criminals being locked up might have something to do with crime rates falling? I came across the puzzling styatement above whilst pootling about the Guardian website.

I daresay it's all a bit of a short term fix, as far as I can tell prison appears to be a bit of a failure most of the time as a deterrent, a punishment or as a means of rehabilitation. Still it's encouraging stuff, all we need to do now is address the misuse of the prison system as a dumping ground for the mentally ill, the high rates of illiteracy, rampant prison drug abuse, overcrowding, gang violence and general mayhem that passes for prison life and make prison more effective. Unless of course there is some value in allowing violent, drug addled nutters to meet lots of other violent drug addled nutters from all over the country and carry on pretty much as they do outside.



joe90 kane said...

Hiya Clairwil
glad to see you back strutting your blog stuff.

Sorry my comment doesn't relate to your post and it's a bit too late for anybody wanting to go along, but as this is about your neck of the woods, I thought I'd just let you know anyway -
- Friends of Glasgow Green AGM
Bellgrove Belle
10 June 2009

Bellgrove Belle also has a fun post on Calton Fun Day, with some info about planning ideas for the area.

all the best C.

Clairwil said...

Hello Joe,
Always a pleasure. Cheers for the info, I'll look out for similar events in future.

Some more off topic chat and this time it's great news!

Go Ape have pulled out the proposed Pollok Park development!

I'm so happy. One of the times in my life when I feel real joy is looking out the full length windows of the Burrell Collection in autumn onto the wood. I was heartbroken when I heard one of my favourite sights in the world was to be ruined by hooray twits swishing about on strings. A victory for unspoiled beauty and I hope the first of many victories against the Labour belief that anything that pre-dates 1997 and non-profit making should be destroyed.

Ewen Nicolson said...

I read about this at the weekend. Gave me no end of pleasure. I'm sure my laughter could be heard from East Lothian.

A glorified adventure playground in Pollok Park makes very little sense and it's lovely to see the fuckers get a bloody nose over it.

joe90 kane said...

Apologies for not getting back to you before now Clairwil - it's a busy life being a commenteer, let me tell you.

The Burrel Collection building is a jewel. It could have turned out a monstrosity and I think that's why its appreciated all the more.

'Strathclyde Country Park' downhill from myself here (metaphorically and physically) at Kane Mansions, is an example of how these 'developments' get out of hand. Once one building gets put up the next thing 'Scotland's biggest fun park' gets the go-ahead - a nightmare.

We didn't even need a park there.
It is an area of outstanding natural interest - a flattish River Clyde seasonal flood plain with all sorts of amazing natural features and wildlife.

I call it 'Strathclyde Country Car Park'

The National Trust for Scotland built a visitor centre in Glenoce which I think, in these more enlightened times, has now been demolished. Same with car parks in Glencoe too, I think.

all the best

£1m campaign to keep Little Sparta garden in full bloom £1m to ensure future is rosy
The Herald
20 June 2009