Some Interesting Ideas

I see The Independent has made the grave error of publishing an article on the subject of social housing. I expect the author is lying in a darkened room muttering 'all I did was relay the results of a report on social housing'. The response is incredible and prompts me to propose a social experiment. Why don't we all find a member of the underclass, beat the shit out them until they become as wealthy as Bill Gates, in which case we'll know they were skiving all along. Of course should any of us beat one to death, it will be unfortunate but at least we'll know they were a proper pov and couldn't help it. Most important of all it will save the tax payer money. Let's not forget that money rules and any life without monetary value is worthless.

Let's have a few quotes shall we?

'I definitely think the idea of social housing mixed with private is an utter disgrace. Why on earth should someone who has worked damned hard to save for a home and buy one at great expense and pay the bills be two or three doors away from some single youngster with her noisy brood of ear ringed 6 year old brats and pack of barking dogs.' -Mekap

For the love of God lets find out where this tit lives, gang up and set a gypsy camp on his front lawn. Does it not occur to him that the last thing a merry woman of pleasure needs is a pursed lipped puritan for a neighbour when she's busy grabbing life by the throat. Dear Lord there are standards but one simply can't live up to them without being a total bore. Some of us have cats others have mouths like cat's arses it's the way of the world.

'There is a simple answer to avoiding the phenomenon of generation upon generation of benefit dependents on these council estates: don't allow those who are benefits to get pregnant. You want benefits? Then you receive a contraceptive implant. You want to have children? Get a job so you can support them.' -RobertCLondon

Yes Robert, that would work. Let's implant women with a contraceptive that carries fairly unpleasant side effects whether or not they get themselves pregnant. God forbid a man should ever be asked to regulate his own fertility by using a condom or having the snip. Of course the fact that the majority of claimants are on benefits for six months or less is neither here nor there. As indeed the existance of childless benefit claimants who have no intention of breeding.

'We should follow the concentration camp idea through toa logical conclusion and exterminate the roaches and spongers who live on estates. They are nothing but human garbage.' -Bobsilentio

Well the granny and papa Clairwils (scheme scum) have already gone so it's too late to make them pay for having the effrontery to be born in poverty. It's too late to make maternal granny Clairwil pay for being forced to leave school at thirteen because 'she was needed in the house'. On the plus side both my parents are still alive so they can be killed for the grave sin of being born in council houses or do they get off for repenting and becoming home owners.

I get the distinct impression that the people who submit these comments don't actually know anyone who lives in social housing which is odd. I get the whiff of so painfully lower middle class it hurts. Rather than comment they'd be as well typing 'WHY CANT EVERYONE BE LIKE ME?'.
It would save time and let the casual reader get to the root of the problem.

Right I'm off to count my money because I'm worth it.


iLL Man said...

Shrimp-dicked keyboard warriors are always a source of amusement to me. Fannies.

Katy Newton said...

You want benefits? Then you receive a contraceptive implant.I haven't had any kids for 33 years. Aren't I entitled to some sort of backdated lump sum?

transfattyacid said...

lol... these people must do the rounds, starting with the Daily Mail. I blame the moderation system at being too slow to publish the comments and therefore depriving these idiots instant feedback.

Clairwil said...

I've read and re-read benefit law backwards looking for that loophole. Sadly we non-breeders seem to be out of luck. It is very frustrating, perhaps we could stick it to the authorities by leaving REALLY ANGRY COMMENTS ON BLOGS!!!!!!

You might be onto something there. It's their self-importance that kills me.