Gays Wot Shower In The Nude

Pootling about the internet takes one to some strange places where one finds out some strange things. Take this highly credible tale of Jack Tweed's 'THREE' encounters with Boy George in the prison showers.

Poor Jack 'turned white and legged it' after stumbling upon 'naked gay' Boy George washing in a communal shower room. I'm sure all of you will join me in condemning this outrage. As if it's not bad enough being a gay George has to go and become one of those naked gays and wash in a shower room!

Quite why The Sun didn't go the whole hog and add a bit of accidental soap dropping into this puerile fear of the queers toss is unclear. Obviously had George been loitering by a radiator, brandishing handcuffs then one would be wise to vacate the area but I don't find his reported behaviour in the showers particularly alarming even if there was 'fleeting eye contact'. Then again I'm not one of those uniformly irresistible heterosexual men who drive all gay men without exception mad with lust.

Personally taking into account the two chaps form I think George has more to fear from Jack who let's face it is a pretty repellent little thug. In the unlikely event there is any truth to this non story Jack might want to reflect on his fear and consider how his victims felt as he assaulted them.

However the article takes a surprising twist towards in the end when it is revealed that Jack is worried about falling in love so soon after Jade's death and isn't sure if he'll ever get another girlfriend. Is this bad writing? An attempt at an explanation for Jack's fear of naked gays and their fleeting eye contact? What are they trying to tell us?



iLL Man said...

I wager a pence that Jack the Twat becomes a columnist for the Sun in the not-too-distant future.

Anyone want to up the stakes?

Clairwil said...

I'll see your penny and raise you a pound!

While we're at it anyone want to bet that Jade faked her own death to escape from her hideous family?

Anonymous said...

I always suspected that her illness was faked and that she was going to announce this miraculous recovery once she'd gotten all the sympathy.

Grogipher said...

Nothing new I'm afraid.. The Sun, Daily Record et al are all disgustingly homophobic..

Like when some dude from the Aprentice burst forth from Narnia, it was reported as Sir Alan knew and was OK with it.

Well why the fuck wouldn't he be!?

I don't know why we let them get away with it.

Clairwil said...

True but mind you they are buit a mere shadow of their former selves. I'm amazed that they haven't tried to make more of James Rennie's conviction. Had this happened twenty years ago there would have been no stopping them.