Oh Dear God No!

I note that Mr Tsvangirai has pulled out of the election. Whilst I disapprove of the decision I cannot say with any certainty it was wrong or that in his shoes I'd have done differently. It's the easiest thing in the world for me to sit on my big pampered Scottish arse and say he should hold out as it will be best in the long run but to sit back and actually see people slaughtered is another matter entirely. I remain appalled and disappointed that there seems to be no end to the situation. If I had any influence I'd tell the Vatican to excommunicate Mugabe -after all if a woman who has an abortion at any stage of pregnancy can be kicked out the church then I see no reason to allow a mass murderer membership. I did raise this with a Catholic of my acquaintance who retorted that 'at least he isn't Islam'. Remind me again why Catholics are far too grand to go to school with the rest of us? Full of religion and fuck all Christianity- frankly exposure to normal people would do them a power of good.

Anyway to amble back towards the point I intended to make.
Thabo Mbeki is a swine. Volumes are spoken by his silence. I deplore war and whilst I'm no pacifist wish to see it avoided at every reasonable cost but if Mbeki cared about his fellow Africans, his nation and country men and women he'd issue a firm threat of military action to his chum Mugabe. At least two million Zimbabwean refugees are living in squalor in South Africa which tells us all we need to know about conditions in Zimbabwe.

When I was a girl I used to send a portion of my pocket money to the ANC to help free Mandela. If I'd realised Mandela for all his flaws was the nearest to decent they had I'd have blown the lot on Merrydown cider, big earrings, joss sticks and drugs. What a bunch of stenchers -African Labour party anyone?

Whether Mbeki likes it or not, it is his problem. The black poor of South Africa can no more afford refugees than a double garage and swimming pool each. In his own country's interest, if no other he must take decisive action. Removing Mugabe could reduce the population of South Africa by at least two million and ease the burden on the impoverished communities who support them.

Quiet diplomacy isn't working, there is no negotiation with someone who reckons God is more important that the electorate. Get in there, remove Mugabe and lets see a Zimbabwe worth existing.



iLL Man said...

Thabo 'The Ostrich' Mbeki. Head in the sand about AIDS, and now this. Maybe he'll threaten to confiscate Mugabe's collection of gaudy baseball caps. That'll teach 'im!

transfattyacid said...

I really don't understand why people think Mandela is so great.

Actually he is pretty much the African equivilent of Harriet Harman or Hilary Benn - he is the descendent of chieftain and is basically living proof of the importance of tribal loyalty in African politics - which also happens to be one of the reasons why so many Africans live in poverty and face violent death in inter tribal conflict.

His silence and that of the ANC on the issue of Zimbabwe is shameful.

Though perhaps not so shameful as the celebrities that hang on his everyone like a bunch of twobit morons.

Clairwil said...

Christ Harriet Harman! That's a bit strong but I know what you mean.

What I don't understand about Mandela's approach to all this is that he criticised Mugabe back in 2000 and said that we should be ruthless in denouncing Mugabe and others like him, then said fuck all for the next eight years. Unless he believed he could put pressure on Mugabe by thinking about him I'm at a loss as to what he's been doing all this time.

Anonymous said...

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