Make Your Bloody Mind Up

As I swan about the internet I come across many a strongly expressed opinion about all manner of things. Take this fellow for example;

'Personally, I can take the Royal Family or leave them alone, I've no strong feelings about them either way. But if my tax money HAD to go to someone undeserving, I'd rather it went to them than to some promiscuous tramp on a council estate receiving government money for three children by three diferent fathers and spending most of it on cigarettes and booze. Or for that matter as a tax credit to some half-wit whose 'job' consists of pushing a vacuum cleaner around office carpets with his mouth open all day.'

Good heavens! Whats a poor person to do. They can take a badly paid job and be thought of as scum or they can have a lot of sex and pay vast sums to the treasury in the shape of fags and booze and still not be found up to scratch. I suppose the 'three different fathers' are the best of the bunch as they don't come in for a word of criticism. Perhaps the promiscuous tramp got herself pregnant!

Mind you he's not a total snob.......

'not all people on estates are promiscuous tramps...they could also be drug addicts, criminals or just plain lazy. But seriously, anyone still living on an estate or in reneted council property must at the least be a pretty unmotivated sort of person, what with the right to buy in existence and so on'

What is this bloody obsession with home ownership? There are any number of reasons one might choose to rent rather than buy. To be able to travel at short notice for work or be self-employed and averse to paying the extortionate interest rates charged by lenders for loans and mortgages to sole traders. 'A poor risk' I recall from my banking days.

My grandparents all worked a hell of a lot harder than I've ever had to and for far less. In fact some of them even did a spot of cleaning because it offered flexible hours whilst them fulfilling their family obligations and not a home owner amongst them. And they all knew how to spell 'rented' despite being 'lazy'.

One wonders if this fellow has actually been on a council estate or if he's just read about one in the Daily Mail. I wouldn't mind but I expect he'd be the first to throw a hissy fit if someone laid into the middle or upper classes in such a poisonous way.



Anonymous said...

Posted by Sawney at 2.45, unemployed, abusing employers property, retired or on annual leave. Lots of people lecturing the poor.

Poor Polly getting slated for suggesting that the wealthy pay their fair share of tax.

Don't tell him I have an appointment at the jobcentre in the morning.

iLL Man said...

Beat me to it. Pity the only person putting a coherent arguement against him is called 'Classwar'..........Fucking hell!!

As with many things, it's the reality of the individual that gets the hoof in the nuts and the world is forced, for five minutes on a forum at least, to assume a two dimensional, theoretical state at the behest of whatever group of belligerent twats happen to be enraged at that particular moment.

If I didn't know better, I'd say there was someone at the Guardian who's paid to sit online and invent these political caricatures to order..............

Fat Sparrow said...

"some promiscuous tramp on a council estate receiving government money for three children by three diferent fathers and spending most of it on cigarettes and booze"

I had a good laugh over this one. Just remove the word "council" and they've described most of the royal floozies over the centuries.

Billy said...

I'm with Fat Sparrow. In fact I expected that to be the twist. When it didn't come I was disappointed.

Anonymous said...

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