The Britblog Round Up

Welcome to the Britblog round up and apologies for the delay. I have been cursed with rotten and inexplicable technical problems and lost two round up posts so far today. Dear God let this be third time lucky.

First up Tim Worstall was a rare island of common sense in a sea of hysterical drivel this week with his look at the reclassification of cannabis. According to Tim around 500 people a year succumb to reefer madness and bid reality farewell, the rest muddle along rather well and harm no-one. Naturally our elected masters believe that something must be done. The words 'total waste of police time' spring to mind. Mind you the legal drugs have been implicated in more than one 'episode' in their time.

Liberal England does nothing to counter my suspicion that the object of modern government is to send the population mad and reports a tale of a trespasser suing a school for failing to make their premises safe enough for him to trespass on.

In other crime news a naughty blogger says more than he aught to about the Southall by-election. Off with his head!

If only The Pope had condemned talking about Harry Potter rather than the books themselves he and I would have found ourselves in a rare moment of complete agreement. Honestly they've been banging on about it for weeks in work so much so that I may be forced to become violent. However for the Potter fans reading here is a review of the latest installment

Raedwald a charming blog by a boat of all things answers an English flood victims plaintive cry of 'where is the army?'. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you the answer, all I will say that if you are plotting a violent uprising in the U.K, now looks like a pretty good time to strike. Aren't Labour governments ace!

Prodicus brings tales of the sex trade no-one gets that worked up about, that of the bingo-winged European lady buying a hot bit of native loving for the duration of her holiday in the form of a 'temporary marriage'. He mentions the new Mrs Bin Laden though I'm sure her new marriage is a genuine love match. Surely only a cynic of the worst sort would imagine otherwise.

Now you might think it's an oxymoron but it most certainly is not The Carnival Of Feminists
is in town. I'm sure if you scream they'll give your waltzer and extra hard push and your good looking pal a free candyfloss. More seriously they've got links to some excellent stuff. Do drop in on them.

The Daily(Maybe) picks up the pieces and tries to move on after the truly earth shattering revelation that the BBC is just a wee bit bent. Incidentially I received a letter from them a while back, quite out the blue advising me that they'd cancelled my licence. I haven't paid it since in protest at how bad Eastenders has become. I am keeping said letter as evidence.

Rachel from North London writes defiantly about her experience of a serious rape and violent assault. A great post but can I add a small health warning for the benefit of anyone who has been through similar as it maybe a bit upsetting depending on how ones recovery is going.

It would appear that the Gurkhas can fight for Britain but get short shrift if they want to live here and enjoy the fruits of their labours. The U.K can be a funny bugger at times and never more so than when it strives to avoid causing offence. One would have thought that England flag being the cross of St George would be good news for the multiculturists with him being revered in both the Christian and Muslim traditions. In any case I cannot see how wearing the English flag in England could be construed as offensive.

Finally you may be aware that London is gearing up to get itself a new mayor. Good old Boris has thrown his hat in the ring. Some folk have a very reasonable set of reservations about his
suitability. On the other hand Polly Toynbee is firmly against it which makes it more of an attractive proposition in my view. I still haven't forgiven that old trout for her disgusting attack on Auberon Waugh. Happily I'm not alone in my Polly hatred, it's almost a vocation these days.
A couple of good kickings for dim toff Polly here and here.

Diamond Geezer reminds us that there are other candidates standing for London Mayor.

Finally the Scottish Blog Round Up is here. Now where are the English, Welsh and Northern Irish round ups?

So until the next time.



Andrew Ian Dodge said...

There is an English one its called the Witagamont group.

Matt Wardman said...

I don't agree with your take on the drugs question.

I did a roundup of about 10 blogs, and they were virtually all pretty sensible.

I would comment though, that if everyone goes into hysteria over a couple of extra deaths on the roads, we can't really go "500 deaths a year ... yeah ... whatever" about cannabis.

Nice roundup.


Holly Finch said...

thanks for the link!...with you too on the polly thing!


iLL Man said...

Don't think we're talking about deaths with the cannabis though. people who smoke too much and lose the plot maybe.......

The examples aren't really analogous.

Anonymous said...

RE: Harry Potter - he is just a neo-con any way.

Clairwil said...

Thanks I'll get a link up to that.

I was referring m,ore to the mainstream media than casting aspertions on my fellow bloggers, though I could have made that clearer. Cheers.

No problem at all. It was a great piece.

Cheers for popping in did you see my letter in The Metro today?

Where did you find that? I'm speechless.

iLL Man said...

Always a pleasure. I didn't see the Metro. Don't get the subway anymore, so I rarely see it. What was it about?

Clairwil said...

The Idlers Guild -go and have a look at the message board. I've put it up there. Three joined since it was published!

iLL Man said...


Rachel said...

Thank you for the link( and the health warning!). I heard you on R5 pods and blogs - you were very good and it was nice to hear your voice

The Poet Laura-eate said...

What drugs are doing to our society is horrendous.

They are making us uncaring, sloppy, de-motivated, depressed, selfish, physically wrecked, occasionally criminal and that's even without admission to a pschiatric hospital.

I guess those who are f***ed up totally by drugs can just be shrugged off as 'collateral damage'

I don't pretend to have an answer to the problem, but if drugs are legalised they should also be taxed and anyone who needs treatment as a result of taking drugs should be charged for their treatment. At least smokers pay enough taxes to more than cover their own treatment.

Anonymous said...

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