Contemplating Forming A Vigilante Group

There are times when I understand how readers of the Daily Mail feel. Take this morning for example, there I was enjoying the first fag of the day when the Scottish news came on with quite the most appalling tale I've heard in some time.

For those of you lucky enough to have been spared, prepare yourself because this is vile beyond words. A young woman was minding her own business, pushing her pram, when a group of...well how would you describe them?.. a sort of sub-breed of shit?....scum?, took exception to her presence and started hurling stones and abuse. It has been suggested that it was racially motivated, though in my view racism alone cannot account for what happened -the beginning of the end of human civilisation might be nearer the mark.

Personally I was sharpening my kitchen knives at that point but it gets worse. One of the group then decided to attempt a bit of sexual assault on the woman and her baby. In broad daylight. In front of his friends.

As I've said before I take a pretty bleak view of human nature. We're a bunch of animals but for the most part are restrained by civilisation and society. Even the worst criminals are secretive, they may choose to ignore law and morality but at least they are aware of them.

Exactly how depraved do you need to be to get together with your friends to verbally, physically and sexually assault a woman and a one year old child? I don't buy all this stuff that the police are coming out with about the other men possibly being disgusted by what the one who went on to attempt the sexual assault did and reporting him. They are as guilty as he is. There were three of them and one of him. They could have stopped it any time they wanted. They did not, which makes them complicit.

It's certainly uncivilised but I sincerely hope the lot of them are gang-raped, tortured and slaughtered by an angry mob. I'm sure if someone filmed it, they'd have a sure fire hit on their hands. Failing that could we have a bit of police brutality when they are arrested, please?



iLL Man said...

Frankly, my mind hasn't quite managed to get round to comprehending this one. I don't think it wants to.....

Craven, miserable, worthless wastes of sperm and eggs, every one of them.

I don't know, I'm fed up trying to comprehend human savagery and evil. All you can do is hope the victim is being looked after as well as possible and someone recognises the description.....

Clairwil said...

Well yes but I demand at least one public hanging.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Let's not demean the fine upstanding persons of the Strathclyde polis with suggestions of brutality.

If these shits are sent down with convictions for kiddie fiddling (and sexually assaulting a 1-year old is what, exactly?), I think they may find out exactly what brutality is about.


FlyingRodent said...

This could've happened at any time in history - it's not an indicator of how bad things are now, or ever.

Clairwil, you know full well how bad things were in Glasgow in the seventies, when stabbings were like Sundays, except more common.

I don't want to point any fingers, mainly because if I started I'd never stop.

Just to say, perhaps our problems with the degradation of society aren't due to modernity.

Sorry, I feel like I'm always standing athwart history shouting, "Where the fuck are you guys going?" to everybody else.

If only history would sit still and behave.

The Cynic said...


I would endorse entirely your condemnation of the vile scum who perpetrated such a cowardly assault on a wowman and her one-year old child. However in all likliehood racism was the main if not the sole motivating factor.

Just what is the world coming to - this did not happen "somewhere else" - even then it would be terrible - but practically on our own doorstep. The sooner this evil bunch are apprehended and dealt with severely the better

matt lobster said...

Makes me wish I was religious and believed in hell.

Clairwil said...

You're right but the one think that riles me beyond belief is the way that the rapists, kiddie fiddlers and other creeps are all kept together in prison. Not that I want to inflict them on anyone else, I just find their habit of swapping court papers with each other for thrills utterly repugnant. Personally I'd leave the bastards in solitary with a length of rope.

Flying Rodent,
I take your point but knife crime and so on relates to the gang culture and is in a different league. The public physical and sexual assault of the woman and baby is something I would associate more with times of war or revolution when there is little or no social control at all.

The Cynic,
I'm not denying racism was a factor. The verbal abuse and stone throwing is pretty much standard for racial assaults. It's the the sexual element that has particularly shocked me. If the attack is racist then the men who committed it have an ability to dehumanise people that hints more at a serious personality disorder than mere predjudice. Let's hope they're caught quickly.

Matt Lobster,
Yes, pretty much sums it up for me.

Fat Sparrow said...

"We're a bunch of animals but for the most part are restrained by civilisation and society."

I thought it was the fear of someone else having a bigger club. That's usually the only thing that gets through to these idiots.

"Homie now takes it in the behind" would be a perfect ending to their prison story.

Anonymous said...

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