Good God!

Sorry for the absence but I've been busy writing my two books. One being a collection of random stuff from this blog and other misc stuff and the other being a porno. Not an erotic novel mind an actual porno.

Anyway I have enlisted the help of a panel of gentleman who are reading extracts of the porno and sending me hints and tips on what sort of antics they'd like to read about. They have all been most helpful and if any of them are reading I'd like to once again offer my thanks to all of you.

I'm afraid that I must single, one gentleman, his good lady wife and what appears to be an excited Labrador out for special thanks. I have never been so astonished in all my life. Naturally I knew their was a bit of inter species socialising in the more specialist corners of the sex industry but who knew the UK was home to a thriving amateur bestiality scene? I must say they do seem like a nice couple despite their unusual hobby and I am forever indebted to them for suggesting I make sure I was alone before following the link in their e-mail. What I have read and seen would make your hair stand on end. I'll spare you the details but suffice to say falling over naked in front of a wolf is more dangerous than you might imagine and do not start me on snakes.

The moral of today's post is never, ever , ever say yes to the question are you hard to shock?



ill man said...

I was reminded by my brother the other day that I hadn't told him he "fucked dogs" in a long time. Apparently I used to say this to him on a frequent basis, though I'm sure his memory is playing tricks on him.

Anyway, I do like a bit of smut when it's offered so please do carry on............

Steele said...

Oh I shall this porno is shaping up to be a world beating epic and I think I might have found a possible publisher! The things that go on in people's minds begger belief. I'm thinking of starting a sort of x-rated postcard manifestos.

Sir Stewart Wallace said...

It says, "When will life get interesting?" at the top of your blog.

Porn writing? Bestiality?

How much more interesting do you need it to get?

Dr Maroon said...

Very clever I must say, trying to divert attention. Some of us might have been worried that your absence had something to do with last Friday night.
What frinstance was Dr Maroon like?
Did the E-mail bully put in an appearance?
Come on, don’t make us beg.

Tell us. I beg you

ill man said...

If you'd turned up we'd be able to tell you what you look like.......

My blog has a partial account of what did(and didn't)happen.

Clairwil said...

Sir Stewart,
Oh life is a long way off interesting though the bestiality has perked things up. A friend of the dog fuckers has a rottweiler that is keen to meet me for some reason. So keen it's offered to pay my plane fare and put me up for the weekend. Sadly I'm busy for the rest of my life.

Dr Maroon,
You should read the Ill Mans account of the evening and turn up for the next one you bounder!

Anonymous said...

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