We've got hooves as well you know.

"We are paying for allowing the jocks to run the government (the "british" one). We expect them to be like us. They obviously do not value honesty and integrity like we do. Yes, it is generalisation, but some stereotypes are true. Look back at some of the governments. Did they lie like new labour do? The tories were bad, but even they didn't like like new labour do. In my opinion, this "government" has to be the worst of all time. Run by deceitful, arrogant, jocks you see?"

'........the archaetypal jock. Arrogant and hypocritical!'

' They dont want to associate the stupid scotch flag with imperialism that's why they are trying this crap on. They are too cowardly to put their hands up and say, yes scotlands flag was ALSO part of the union flag (note the 'was'). Typical pansy jocks. I swear they are born idiots.They make me puke. One minute it's, 'without scotland there would have been no empire', the next it's 'oh the English were responsible for all the bad bits'. They haven't quite grown up yet. I used to feel sorry for them, now I can't stand in the same room as them. I feel that way because of THEM, not because of me. They created this tension, not English folks. Of course they are so pathetically childish that they cannot even act grown up enough to take responsibilty for the devolution mess either. What do they say? Tony blair is English. Oh yeah blair is English, but of course someone born in the usa with a scotch surname is scotch!!! Double standards there methinks.I told you. They are cowards, liars and infantile.'


When I'm not busy contemplating the best way to take over the United Kingdom and destroy England I enjoy a good ponder. I've just been watching Newsnight and it would appear the English have rumbled us. Worse still they're hopping mad that they've been subsidising us for years to sit about frittering away public money while they pay all the taxes and do all the work.

However I was very puzzled by one fellow who after remarking on our sinister 'aspiration' said 'no-one wants to see them go'. Why the fuck not? Lets ponder the evidence. We cannot speak in a coherent manner. We are mean. We are drunk, violent, unhealthy and downright dishonest. Oh yes and dirty , disease ridden, inbred and insane. Oh yes and we rape schoolgirls if England do well at football. Most unforgivable of all we have even infiltrated the GMTV bouquet and ruined several episodes of Emmerdale. Fucked up the railways.......

In short virtually all of the worlds problems can be attributed to Scotland. So why does 'no-one want to see us go'? If Scotland were to be governed by say England for example and they behaved like that towards us I'd want rid. I'm totally bewildered why would anyone want to be in any way connected with such an awful country. Answers please....



Anonymous said...

I thought Tony Blair actually was Scottish ?

Binty McShae said...

What the fuck is that shite you've unearthed!!!!??

I'm a Scot but have lived a large portion of my life in England and have an accent which fluctuates to a degree that people often think I'm Australian - seriously! When I moved down to England I got badly picked on for my Scots accent, but at the same time when I went back up to Scotland I also got picked on for the brand new English accent I was sporting.

My sister is also Scots but has an English accent having moved down when she was 5. She lives in Glasgow with her husband, who has a broad Scots accent, despite actually being Welsh. When they got together her husbands work colleagues actually commented on the fact that he was marrying a sassenach.

I t does happen, I'm afraid, and it's fucking shit that it does - but all that crap you found about raping schoolgirls and torturing pensioners? Where do they come up with shit like that?

David Duff said...

Well, part of your quote had considerable truth in its first proposition:

"In my opinion, this "government" has to be the worst of all time. Run by deceitful, arrogant, jocks you see?"

As to the second, both Blair and Brown (and Reid) are all of those things but whether the description can be applied to *all* Jocks, well, "you might say that but I couldn't possibly comment"!

Larry Teabag said...

Well done 'David', being your usual charming self I see.

"You might say that but I couldn't possibly comment" is well known to mean "yes". For example:

Clairwil: Does David Duff masturbate over photographs of shitting dogs?

Teabag: You might say that but I couldn't possibly comment.

Clairwil said...

I'm no expert on Tony Blair but I believe both his parents were Scottish and he attended school in Edinburgh. I don't recall every attenting to deny the fact but then being Scottish I wouldn't know what the truth was.

That 'shite' is from the campaign for an English parliament forums. I came accross it a while back and had intended to add some cheerful message of support but then I started reading and thought it best not to do anything that might upset them. Why they don't just use their larger population and greater share of the vote to get rid of the current government, declare their independence at get shot of us is a mystery to me. Espacially when the honour of English schoolgirls is at stake.

It would appear you're on to us as well. So the question is why not get rid of us?

Shitting dogs!?

Larry Teabag said...

Shitting dogs!?


ill man said...

Most amusing. It's the thought of Scotland gaining independence through rejection by the English rather than rejection of the English that puts a sick little smile on my face.

Anyway, I love being called 'Scotch'.

Clairwil said...

Well illman I had six years in a call centre being abused for being 'scotch',a 'jock' and bizarrely being told to fuck off back to Scotland, so it's worn a little thin with me. Still rejection by the English is hilarious so unexpected! Will we be the first country in the world to gain independence after being told to fuck off?

Binty McShae said...

No. Singapore has that honour. After the Brits pulled out Singapore's leaders decided to join Malaya (the SI in the new name 'Malaysia' coming from Singapore's inclusion) as they didn't believ Singapore could stand alone... being only the size of the Isle of Wight, and all. But this resulted in the Chines minority in Malaya suddenly being joined by the Chinese majority in Singapore and upsetting the status quo, leading to racial tensions and violence between Chinese and Malays. This proved too much for the Malaysian government and a year or so later they threw Singapore out...

I can't be doing with the bile and the bullshit associated with Anglo-Scots relations. It's just fucking pointless, and sites like that pro-English seperation one take a valid argument that many both sides of the border might support and turn it into an excuse for racism and xenophobia. Fucking pathetic.

ill man said...

So, what are settler watch up to this weather?

Clairwil said...

Agreed Binty.
Illman I have no idea what Settlerwatch are up to, hopefully something involving them committing suicide.

However I am concerned that our friend David Duff may be more of the 'the archaetypal jock. Arrogant and hypocritical' than he is letting on.

'The first time Duff was used as a surname was among the Pict clans of ancient Scotland. The name Duff comes from the Gaelic Dubh or the older Gaelic word Dub.

Spelling variations include: Duff, MacDuff and others.

First found in Perthshire where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.'

C'mon Duff stop trying to 'pass'! Haven't you seen an 'Imitation Of Life'. It'll end in tears.

Anonymous said...

CANT fucking take it can you. Scum fucking race of shit.YOURE a shitting stinking third wotld country bloated on ENGLISH HANDOUTS. Chiipy ungrasteful scum worse than fucking jews and irish put together. Take youare fucking independance but dont think youre coming down here as asylum seekers scrounging our money. dirty fucking lying ugly retated sub human scotch scum . BTW no sense of humour have you parasites????????????????

ill man said...

Spelling? Check!
Grammar? Check!
Incoherent babbling? Check!

I'll bet hard cash that the person who wrote the above was neither drunk nor on drugs. Thats what really frightens me.

Sir Stewart Wallace said...

Anon - Thanks mate. I am both laughing AND pointing. Not often that happens.

alan said...

gosh! that mrs anonymouse certainly knows how to express herself in a most cogent manner. i jolly well want more of that sort of stuff if you please.

Clairwil said...

I wish Mrs Anonymous wasn't so shy. Imagine the hours of fun we could all have reading her blog. Still perhaps she doesn't want to risk upsetting her Scottish masters. Anyway must dash I have to finalise my plans for Scunthorpe. Having an empire is such fun!

Anonymous said...

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