Hurrah For The Taxman!


I've been engaged in a long term 'robust' discussion with one of my work colleagues regarding whether or not income tax is too high. I have been arguing that the level of income tax I pay is very reasonable whereas council tax is set at an outrageously high level. They agree with me about council tax but disagree very loudly and lengthily about income tax.

You can therefore imagine my dismay when I arrived in work to be confronted with a tirade of taunting from my colleague who very smugly advised me that my tax code has been wrong for the last two years and I was facing financial ruin.

One phone call to the inland revenue later and it was my turn to be smug. It seems I have overpaid my income tax by around £1500 and am therefore due a hefty rebate. That's my holiday paid for then. My work colleague has taken this piece of news very badly indeed and has now convinced themselves that they are somehow subsidising me through their income tax. As you can imagine I've been doing my best to appear conciliatory about the whole thing and have offered to show them the cheque when I receive it. Unfortunately this made her even angrier. Some people can be very ungrateful.

Speaking of money for nothing this John Prescott business is confusing me. What is he for? Have the government gone mad? I would have thought even Tony and co would have had the wit to make up some duties to try and justify Mr Prescott's over generous salary. Even making him cabinet tea boy or giving him a bit of filing to do would have been something. Either Tony is deliberately trying to turn the electorate against them to spite Gordon Brown or he's having some sort of hissy fit at us. I haven't made my mind up which it is yet probably a bit of both. I will keep you posted should anything remarkable occur to me.

I'm still on myspace if anyone is interested. C'mon be my friend.



ill man said...

Victory is sweet.

Never been hung up on income tax. It's money you never had anyway. Or am I being too simplistic?

Billy said...

That's probably why people dislike council tax. Income tax you never had, council tax you have to pay so it seems worse, like paying for things on a card doesn't feel like spending money.

Our council went Tory in the last election, doesn't this mean they're supposed to lower the council tax?

Sir Stewart Wallace said...

John Prescott reminds me of J Edgar Hoover.
He must have something on old Tony to still be hanging around.
Wonder if he dresses up in ladies clothes too?

Angus said...

That’s what I call a nice summer bonus! Being a student I don’t mind income tax so much, partly because at the minute I get a rebate and partly because I don’t mind paying it, council tax is another matter. It strikes me that were I come from a pensioner living down the road pays 20% of her pension in council tax every week, I cant help feeling that’s wrong. As for the happyslapping charlatan that is Prescott I’ll say nothing.

On an unrelated topic that was a mighty nice thing you did Clairwil, thank you.

Steve said...

I would say that John Prescott has been pretty much the overall winner in this little "affair".

a. He get less responsibilites, yet still keeps the same pay.

b. He got a little bit on the side for a while.

I reckon a little bit of public humiliation is worth that. He should be used to it by now anyway!

west coaster said...

I joined your group, at least I think I did. It's all too complicated. This blogger is simpler. What's myspace for anyway? Can you have too many blog things?

Clairwil said...

I have considered the possibility that Prescott has something on Blair. But what? It must be financial Blair doesn't strike me as imaginative above to be into weird sex.
Westcoaster, you have indeed joined my group. I'm not entirely sure what the point of myspace is myself. I won't be blogging on it because the blog format is rubbish. It's supposed to be very good for networking but I've never networked in my life. It strikes me as a bit crass just to accost someone on myspace and demand that they further my career.

Anonymous said...

"What's myspace for anyway?"

Well, I hear it seems to be popular with stalkers and nubile young ladies with webcams but beyond that.................not too sure.

David Duff said...

I remember all too vividly during one of my frequent financial disasters receiving a brown OHMS envelope in the post. I opened it and slowly withdrew part of the letter from the Revenue and my panic-stricken eyes flew to the figure which made me feel sick! I tossed the letter to one side in the absolute certainty that I didn't have the money to pay 10% of it, let alone the whole amount.

After a strong, black coffee I returned to the letter and this time drew it fully from its envelope - to see a cheque attached to the bottom! I, too, had overpaid. Oh, the bliss, the joy, the ecstasy, and of course, wastrel that I was and still am, I immediately toddled off to the local wine store for a bottle of 'champers'. And no, before you ask, I didn't drink a toast to whichever lying, conniving, two-faced rat-fink was then the Second Lord of the Treasury!

ill man said...

Out of interest David, how much was the cheque for and how much was the bottle of champers?

David Duff said...

'Ill Man', that is between my accountant, my tax inspector and my Maker!

(Actually, not that much but when you ain't got it ...)

Anonymous said...

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