Wee Belle R.I.P


I came home tonight to a horrific discovery- a dead body! Unfortunately it wasn't something deserving like a human being but my poor innocent guinea pig Belle. I am bereft. I have never lived alone before.

I've never had to dispose of a corpse before and I hope I shall never have to do it again. People always say dead people and animals look peaceful, well poor Belle didn't. I have never seen her look so surprised before.

Poor Belle- she was only five. The Webster's guinea pig in Coronation St is eight and still going strong.

I won't miss her habit of eating my clothes and soft furnishings, but I'll miss her cheerful squeak and funny little tricks.



GlasgowGigolo54 said...

Awww, that's sad. Put me through again the trauma of watching my hamster die - one of the only 2 corpses in my life - and disposing of it. Rasta was only about two, a fluffy gingerish long-haired hamster who loved nothing better than rolling around the kitchen in her transparent globe, battering into the furniture, or hanging off the roof of her 3-story cage by her back feet when she thought no-one was looking. She had learned bad habits from her original owner, my housemate Lindzi, a lively 19-year-old geriatric nurse who would have done well in any Miss Wet T-shirt contest. She used to deal a wee bit of grass she got through her coloured gentlemen friends from London's East End. Her customers seemed to think it amusing to give the hamster a blowback from the marihuana bong. Anyway, I managed to record on video some of the high-points of Rasta's life, like the day she went for a swim in the sink (with my assistance of course) and the day I finally fed her after making her first consume all the hidden reserves (the same technique by which I later shed stones off my fiancee.) Who knows, maybe eventually her happy antics will some day amuse many more than those who knew her while she was here?
(The same does not apply to my ex-wife, of whom I erased almost all recordings after the divorce - a mammoth project - saving only a few I might use amusingly later) Anyway, just as skill-learning excercise, if I come across that footage of Rasta (from 1994!) I'll edit a few clips together and let you see it! Then you won't feel so lonely, as you'll probably remember all the great times with your guinea pig Belle - not named after Belle & Sebastian by any chance, or is it the crazy woman in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof?

alan said...

sorry to hear that, but i think five is the average life-span of a guinea pig, as i know from painful experience. i buried mine under a laburnum tree.

alan said...

maybe you should get a chiu... chiha... chihiua... a small dog instead?

Clairwil said...
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Clairwil said...

Thank-you to both of you.

Alan, I didn't have you down as a guinea pig owner. I won't be replacing Belle with the dog that dare not spell it's name correctly, wee Belle is irreplacable. There will be no pets for me, until I move, if I'm lucky enough to get a garden flat I shall acquire a nice cat.

liwo said...

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