The Sublime and The Slime.


Apologies for the lack of posts but I've been most upset about wee Belle's untimely demise. Thank-you to everyone for your kind comments and e-mails. I've also been very busy re-drafting an article I've written for a mysterious and as yet unpublished magazine.

I watched the documentary about Mark Chapman on Channel Four. I love Mark Chapman, his thought processes are very similar to my own and he killed that awful idiot John Lennon. Wasn't John Lennon a cunt? A bully, a cripple baiter, an anti-semite and a queer basher. Why in the name of God is he regarded as some sort of secular saint? The world can never repay the enormous debt of gratitude it owes Mr Chapman for ridding it of that loathsome, mean spirited individual. Imagine no possessions! Ha! Imagine an entire floor of slaughtered animals made into fur coats to adorn the charmless Yoko, imagine two privately educated children, imagine limos, imagine all the drugs in the world, imagine calling the man who got you all those things a 'queer jew'. Imagine all this and know that the world is a better place without St Lennon.

On an entirely different subject, a few days ago I asked where all the good porn was. I think I might have the answer, the devastatingly sexy Mr Mike Tyson is pondering a career in adult movies. I virtually came writing that. I love Mike Tyson and his blend of ferocious physical strength and emotional vulnerability. A bullied child who became the heavyweight champion of the world and a lifelong pigeon fancier. He's like a dream. Mr Tyson is very lucky I lack the stalker gene. Mike Tyson, my God, those thighs.



margin walker said...

I personally wouldnt be keen on watching a convicted rapist get do the business on film..

alan said...

You have to bear in mind that John Lennon was born 65 years ago, and grew up in less enlightened times, but also that he eventually recognised the error of his ways and made an effort to change. He was rich, yes, but latterly he wasn't living a very lavish lifestyle by all accounts. Who knows how many millions he gave away to charities? Much of the credit for bringing about that transformation in him would probably go to Yoko Ono, but an awful lot of what Lennon did and said was pure 'front' anyway. I don't know if Yoko deserves her bad press either. She was the victim of a lot of thinly disguised racist abuse from Beatles fans, which she took pretty stoically for many years, but that was nothing compared to what she had to live through 25 years ago. I think the problem with John Lennon's sanctification is that he wasn't THAT great a musical genius, but the nature of his death has raised his status out of proportion to his real achievements. His final album, for example, was rubbish. As for Mark Chapman, for no reason at all he destroyed a life and a family. It wouldn't matter if it was Joe Bloggs or John Lennon. He's mad. What he has to say is of no more interest to me than the shipping forecast.

ill man said...

Not sure about the Tyson thing..........He's not my type and I'll leave it at that..........

I think the problem with Lennon lies in the complexity and strangeness of the man and the simplicity of his songwriting. There are millions who think that because he wrote Imagine and Give Peace A Chance and War Is Over, then he must have been some sort of saint or genius. This is bolstered by the music industry for their own benefit and spoonfed to generation after generation.

Sometimes the only response is resentment.

Undecided said...

I am speechless after reading the post. It seems unusually cold, almost too much hate spewed on someone that was a victim. A man was killed by that lunatic and it makes me sick. I hoped Chapman would be put to death without another wasted thought spent on him. Is he even still alive? I can't spend another bit of energy on him, he is a waste of flesh.

Anonymous said...

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