I was feeling a bit better until I went back to work.


As you are aware I was recently laid low with a mystery illness. I don't know if I'm alone in this but I always seem to have really peculiar dreams when I'm ill. Here are yesterdays highlights.

1. I come home from work to find he who must not be mentioned on this blog shagging Ruby from Eastenders and claiming he'd 'won' her in an FHM competition. The pair of them were totally unembarrassed by this startling incident and I ended up apologising.

2. I find a small boy with his finger stuck in a Dalmatian's ear. The Dalmatian managed to struggle free, turned red and ran about snapping at things.

3. I am on the phone explaining to someone that I can't leave my house because the tides in. I look out the window only to discover that my home is being menaced by a giant squid.

I don't know what any of the above might mean and would be delighted if anyone could explain.

I returned to work, only for tragedy to strike. In my absence my new nemesis has been elected as a volunteer representative and will now sit on the management committee. I could cry. If I have to hear that toss say 'I've got a degree' once more I will kill someone.



Bells said...

Sorry Clairwil, i am new to the blogging game and didnt realise the common courtesy of checking before linking. But it has to be said - i love your blog and threw caution to the wind.

As for the dreams - i have wierd dreams a lot. A therapist told me its coz i have a wild imagination and i am hugely self aware. But how can that link to my dream about having millions of socks all over my house?! confused...

I think you should introduce the nemesis to the Twat at my work. Where do these people come from?! Maybe they are put on earth to test our patience and show us how great we are in comparison. Either that or to treat us to some voodoo practice...

Take care, and thanks for the comment, and the link, Bells x

alan said...

as i see it: the dalmation is your father, ruby is your mother, and the giant squid is professor smile.

Clairwil said...

Alan it all seems so clear now.

Bells, if you have an office twat you have my sympathy. Why do they never realise how annoying they are? In a previous job we had a text book office twat. The fact he wandered the office at Christmas saying 'have a cool yule' and giving everyone the thumbs up, should give you a clue to the level of horror we endured.

Anonymous said...

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