All Hail Lubna 'whip me if you dare' Hussein


I'm not one of these proud to be a woman types. Not because there's anything wrong with being female but it's not something I had an awful lot to do with. To be proud of it would be like being proud of having big feet, it's just how I was born. I'm happy enough with that, although key moments of my life have been ruined for lack of a penis. Ideally I'd like to be able to switch genders at will but nature is not known for her generosity on the gender front. That said every so often a woman does something so heroic, courageous and downright brilliant that one does get the urge to strut around saying 'that's one of my lot' and basking in a bit of reflected glory. What can I say I'm a awful glory seeker.

I am referring to the brave and defiant Ms Lubna Hussein who has been sentenced to forty lashes by the savages that run Sudan for wearing trousers. What makes this woman so remarkable and sets her apart from most of the rest of us is that as an employee of the UN she was offered immunity by the Sundanese authorities. Instead of grabbing this opportunity with both hands she resigned from the UN in order to take the punishment and use her case to highlight the despicable behaviour of these sexually inadequate brutes.

Funnily enough these upstanding moral guardians are notoriously dishonest and regularly demand sexual favours from the women they arrest. You might feel a sliver of pity for these repellent chaps for being unable to get laid without using force but I'm inclined to repress that and send that portion of the pity ration to someone more deserving like Donald Trump. At least the thieving, lying, raping morality police get to feel good about themselves. In contrast Trump must sob himself to sleep thinking about that hair.

Whilst I would indulge in a cheeky lady chuckle if the world's women formed an army, invaded Sudan and strung every last member of their government up, the prospect is quite unlikely. Instead I have sent a letter, well more a miracle of restraint of to the Sudanese Embassy asking if they wouldn't mind giving the lashes a miss. Obviously what I wanted to write was 'would you wretched pigs do the world a favour and kill yourselves' but it's not terribly persuasive is it? The small penis jibes and wicked curses also hit the cutting room floor as did the threats to set fire to the ambassadors testicles and steal his Ferrero Rocher. Still it's hard to appeal to the better side of people who are so uniformly fucking awful, so it was a very short letter.

If anyone else is as eye poppingly angry about this as I am please write a polite letter to the Sudanese Embassy at 3 Cleveland Row, London, SW1A 1DD. For the sort of people who turn up on Reporting Scotland vox pops if you could put about one hundredth of the energy into supporting Ms Hussein as you do into worrying just how vast your arse looks in trousers and get an adult to help you with a letter to the Sudanese Embassy you might be able to point to at least one useful thing you've done in your pointless bovine life. There is also a petition to sign here.



Longrider said...

Strictly speaking, the sentence hasn't yet been passed as Lubna's trial is next week. Call me an old cynic, but I suspect that the bastards will find a way out of this to avoid her becoming a martyr for women's rights.

Longrider said...

BTW... Did you see the comments by so called progressives on Lubna's Guardian article? It seems that if it is a "minority" that is suppressing women, it's all okay.

Clairwil said...

She has put the authorities in an impossible situation. Whatever happens they've lost. Lash her and they look like the stone age morons they are, let her off and they're admitting their system is unjust.

Some of the comments on the site are unbelievable, quite shocking. One in particular that had me reaching for something to hurl at the monitor was to the effect that the Sudanese approach is better than young women walking around with thongs peeping over their hipsters.

Longrider said...

And he calls himself a progressive, eh?

David O'Keefe said...

The commenters on cif are progressives? Behave yourselves, a lot of them are right-wingnuts. However the good news is that the Daily Mail's polls and comments are now being sabotaged by lefties, with hilarious consequences.

There is a common denominator with the mail and cif-they both have more than their fair share of hateful, angry loons.