Raise Your Drawers!

I note all the understandable howls of outrage about irritating nutbag Anjem Choudary's plans to pointlessly give offence to the good folk of Wootton Bassett by staging a publicity stunt in memory of the "real war dead".

I very much doubt that the whole farce will go ahead as I'm sceptical of Mr Choudary's ability to rally sufficient fundafannies to carry the cardboard coffins while he boo hoos his crocodile tears over the dead Afghans. Still in announcing it he's created an almighty fuss, distressed the residents of Wootton Bassett and got his mug all over the papers which is no doubt what he wants.

Still as no one appears terribly into the idea of completely ignoring the tit, a counter demo has been announced.

I must say I'm particularly tickled by this idea from the folk at The Spittoon which rather wonderfully combines protest with a bit of fun at the expense of Choudary and the failed plane bombers exploding drawers.

'let all who wish to show this truly grotesque man up as the nasty, ridiculous bigot he is – FLY THE UNDERPANTS!.......we all know that angry andy and the bombastic beards of barminess would be applauding the Glorious Pants Of Terror right now if it had all gone as planned on flight 253, so let’s throw it right back in their faces. take a broomhandle or some other stick-type object and fly a pair of y-fronts off them as a flag. stick them in the window of your house or the window of your car, like people did in the last world cup.'

Rather than the proposed y-fronts, I'd prefer to see vast bloomers -the sort of thing Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served? used to sport. However I'm not fussy and am certain that all varieties of underpant are equally capable of making their point. Whether this particular protest goes ahead or not, this is such a brilliant, simple and amusing idea I suspect it won't be long before Choudary cops an eyeful of the nation's drawers.



Billy said...

Even better than underpants, as wonderful as that idea is, is just to ignore the guy (and his dozen or so mates) rather than give them all the coverage they crave.

Clairwil said...

Well as I said above

'Still as no one appears terribly into the idea of completely ignoring the tit.....'

Personally I think that'd be the best course of action but it's not realistic to to expect certain sections of the press to pass up a 'mad muslim insults our boys story'.

So rather than hand them twats the platform one might as well use it to take the piss out of them.

Tom said...

Well, hate to be a pooper but my understanding is that this isn't terribly original.

IIRC Mullah Omar that well known Afghan jihadi made a display of the rather threadbare remains of THE PROPHET MOHAMMED's (pboh) underpants at Jalalabad when the first Yankee troops arrived after 9/11.

The faithful onlookers were assured that sight of said relics were most efficacious in the matter of deflecting infidel bullets. Allah Ahkbar!

His touching faith is reflected in the attendance of our own ex-prime minister at a plastic box in London recently purportedly containing some French virgin's bones - wonder what he's trying to ward off eh?

Clairwil said...

The prophets drawers! Good God! People with no sense of humour are always such brilliant comedians.

I once saw a cast of Mo's foot prints in Istanbul and I must say I was impressed with his rather long and elegant toes. There were some other bits and bobs of his there but his female fan club were
were on the verge of trampling me to get at them so I cannot recall much about them. I don't think the Istanbul relics included underpants though.

As to what St Tony of the Endless Bullsugar might be trying to ward off, it's very hard to say with so much to choose from. Cherie perhaps?