Hey! Terry Show Us Your Legal Action!

I recently emailed Cllr Terry Kelly in response to some lies he'd told about me on his blog.

Here is his response!

'It wasn't just the terrywatch site which was repellent you were as well; anyone who uses mental health issues to gain personal advantage is beneath contempt; that means you.

You were anonymous out of cowardice nothing else; like the other contemptible blogger "Will" you now feel vulnerable because of the recent expose of anti Labour blog scandals and you no doubt wonder what might happen. I have been contacted by two different sources who remember the Herald article and they have asked me if I would supply them with any stuff which I have kept so I am watching developments closely. It would be interesting to add some other names of people involved in such despicable behaviour.

I don't know anything about other Herald Stories on you or the other malcontents involved and I don't want to know; the whole rotten lot of you deserve each other. As far as taking further action against you is concerned that decision will be taken not by me but by my daughter; were it simply down to me you would have had the lawyer's letter by now.'

Cllr. Terry Kelly.

Oh dear! I'm actually desperate for this to go to court. I'm of the opinion that prosceuting me for my political beliefs hurts him rather more than it hurts me. I'm also of the opinion that pigs will fly the day this pair of political bigots sue me.


P.S If anyone is up for restarting Terrywatch on a more organised and more analytical basis let me know.



Anonymous said...

Terrywatch is damaged beyond repair, so while it may appear a good idea at 4am; I hope you consider it a bad idea at 4pm.

Surreptitious Evil said...

I am afraid I have to agree with David - "the brand is dead, pick up the pitchfork"?

I would be amazed to find out what legal recourse he has against anyone other than the author of the piece that killed it. No doubt we won't find out.

Although remember why it started - because of his blog comments "policy" - we just needed somewhere to post that wouldn't be subject to his over enthusiastic editing or blatant denial.

Clairwil said...

Pah! I didn't even mean it at 4am. Quite apart from anything else I have better things like compulsive dusting. The sad fact is that it's not just 'Terrywatch' that's damaged, the great man himself is nowhere near as funny as he used to be.


You're the second person to mention pitch forks to me today. Is this some sort of meme?

He doesn't have any grounds against me at all, which is why I have been wholeheartedly encouraging him to pursue that course.

I'm just mildly irritated by his persistant lying about about me when he will not offer any sort of right of reply on his own blog.

Fidothedog said...

You said I'm just mildly irritated by his persistant lying about about me when he will not offer any sort of right of reply on his own blog.

Well he is a Labour politician, okay a fat and rather ugly one who I am sure is an absolute joy to spend time with.

But how many let in comments they dislike? Not many.

Terry Watch was fun, I freely admit that there is nothing more fun than knocking some pompous ass like Terry down a peg.

Sadly I feel its day has come and gone.