He's Back

Mike Read is back at The Guardian! What do you mean who? The legendary broadcaster, author and producer of a truly remarkable musical of the life of Oscar Wilde and perhaps most noble of all the man who put London first by stepping aside to make way for Boris.

I am sure I speak for all Mike's fans or crews as we prefer to be known when I say welcome back Mike!



Cocktails said...

Oh, goodie. Thanks for sharing that fantastic news.

I personally admire Mike for his fine work on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

iLL Man said...

I admire Mike Read for no longer being at the front line of radio or televisual broadcasting. It obviously wasn't what he was good at. Long may that continue.

On a different, yet related topic, why couldn't it have been that twat Ken Bruce instead of Wogan retiring? I mean, if ever there was a man who deserves to spend eternity in a room with Paul Gambaccini, it's Ken 'Ken Bruce' Bruce.

Instead the poor embattled Radio 2 listeners now get a parade of solid gold wankers from dawn to dusk. Chris Evan, Brucey, Mayo....

All they need to do is get Jo Whiley & Chris Moyles in and they'll be laughing. It'll be just like listening to Radio 1 in the late nineties.... >:(

Clairwil said...

A pleasure. I just admire Mike full stop, though it's his work as an artist that impresses me most.

Mike is a popular fixture on The Big L. You on the other hand are just jealous.

iLL Man said...

I cannot deny that.