Eek! A Meme

Cartside very kindly tagged me with a meme recently which can be avoided no longer! So without further ado here are seven of my personality traits to scare off new readers and further alienate the old crowd.

1. I have a short temper and it's getting worse. It's an awful afliction. I've tried everything meditation, reading Mike Tyson biographies as a warning of where it might lead, drink, anti-depressants of various sorts, speaking to my G.P, staying indoors but to no avail. I think it's boredom to be honest. I do manage to control it, I hasten to add, it's years since I walloped anyone and months since I dished out a good old tongue lashing.

2. I cry at everything and anything. Client's tales of woe, Eastenders, blogs, politics, happy things, kittens, sad things, holidays, art galleries, books. Anything at all really. I am afraid I am very sentimental.

3. I feel very isolated and so would you if you'd only met about two people on your wavelength in the last thirty-four years.

4. I'm quite ambitious in my own way and get very, very frustrated indeed by failure.

5. I am fairly independent and really do not like to rely on other people for anything if it can be avoided. Hence my love of the good old self help book.

6. I am private to a lunatic degree about certain things. I have my life divided up nicely into compartments and live in terror of certain people in my life meeting up.

7. I like to feel I have a purpose. I like projects, schemes, wheezes and plans to the point where I feel lost without one up my sleeve. Do you? Maybe we should meet.

I shall refrain from passing on this meme instead inviting anyone who's stuck for a post to take it on.



Cocktails said...

Hello Clairwil, you seem to have shocked your regular commenters into quietness with your candour on this one!

I am like you with the secrecy and the compartmentalised life. I think that George Costanza from Seinfeld had the best theory for this - it's something like your friends and family all being different spheres who orbit around you, but never meet. I like the spheres theory but I also secretly wonder what things would be like if the spheres did ever meet... Probably not much in reality, but I'm not going to chance it!

Clairwil said...

George Costanza is a very wise man, in many ways he is to be admired. In Barbara Windsor's fine autobiography she or her ghostwriter informs the nation that Kenneth Williams would leave a restaurant if her were dining with a chum and another one of his friends appeared. It was only at his funeral that his closet friends realised that they'd never once met in his company. I rather like that, though I still find the pospect of my mourners graveside chat a worry.

In a lot of cases I'm trying to protect peoples feelings because they can't handle the plain facts.

Mind you the secrecy has it's hoots in that a friend recently told me that I should start reading Clairwil's blog because she's just like me. I didn't let on at the time so consider this an outing.