Probably A Bunch Of Scaredy Cats!

You must forgive me for being out of the loop on this one -I've been busy again but the hilarious atheist bus campaign has only just come to my attention. I love the use of the word 'probably' and being something of an agnostic I am delighted that atheists have so kindly spent all that money promoting my beliefs. I must say their selflessness is to be commended if I was them I'd have just gone with promoting the atheist position that there is no God. Let's hope this tolerance and willingness to see the other man's point of view spreads. Perhaps The Meat Marketing Board could treat Peta and Viva to a couple of campaigns promoting the benefits of a vegan diet. Honestly God himself couldn't have created a more pathetic bunch of opponents.

I'm also rather puzzled by their apparent belief that thinking their might not be a God should cause one to stop worrying. The happiest and most relaxed folk I know are believers. No matter what life hurls at them they believe that God will sort it out and spend rather less time worrying than I do. In fact not believing in God is ten times scarier than the alternative -every time I consider the possibility that we are alone in the universe I look at the bunch of muppets in charge of the world and I think to myself we really are doomed! Frankly I'd rather take my chances with the ill tempered God of the Old Testament than our idiot leaders and the bovine masses. At least God can do the old water into wine trick if things get too rough whereas the government just panic and start passing legislation which is no use to man or beast. I rather think telling folk on buses there isn't a God is rubbing salt in the wound. Have you seen the sort of people you get on these mobile rumpus room for neds? It's bad enough sitting there thinking 'well obviously evolution is bollocks' without even having the thought of God casting one's fellow passengers into the pit of hell to comfort one.

Anyway atheists are not the only ones blowing a fortune on crappy adverts. Rape Crisis Scotland are at it as well. I was gazing out a window on the bus when my eye alighted in a perky pair of tits sporting erect nipples emblazoned with the message 'This is not an invitation to rape me'. It's not that I disagree with the message -anyone who thinks the sight of a bit of female flesh gives him the right to behave like an animal should be drowned in the interests of public safety. It's just that I doubt it's effectiveness -though I'd be delighted to be proved wrong.

Mind you I am thinking of coming up with my own anti-rape advertising campaign. I'd start of with a campaign detailing all the gruesome things that happen to sex offenders in jail. Then once that got noticed I'd put out a new advert featuring an army of blood spattered but triumphant women holding aloft severed penises (or is it peni?) with the slogan 'if the courts don't get you we will'. There's no point in trying to appeal to rapists reason they just do it because they like raping folk. Their behaviour is no more rational than that of the average playground bully. In any case they don't even believe that 'ooh I couldn't help it she was wearing a mini skirt' eyewash. They're just trying to shift the blame. I say terrify them into submission and if that doesn't work sling them in prison for a few years and let the lads give them a brutal taste of their own medicine.



northbritain said...

Unfortunately the atheists were forced into using the word 'probably'.

The law dictated that without it, it could offend religious groups.

Strange that the law works one way but not the other:-

Who can I complain to when religious advertising is all around?

Clairwil said...

Well if that's the case then I think this is a law that needs looked at. What a pity the atheists wasted this opportunity to highlight it by meekly accepting it.

I should imagine a religious person of the less tolerant variety would be as offended by an advert saying there probably isn't a God as one saying there isn't a God. So as laws go it's pretty pointless in that it unreasonably restricts freedom of speech and fails to protect anyone from offence.

I'm not really sure what there is complain about regarding religious advertising. Unless it's of the fraudulent abortion counselling type that a few dodgy Catholic groups go in for. But other than that I find it somewhat odd that anyone would be offended by an advert for Alpha Courses. There are worse things than being marketed at by Christians.

To be honest I'd rather than the money had been spent on something useful like a campaign against state funding for faith schools or helping victims of religious persecution.

I have no objection to religion as a personal choice, people have an absolute right to believe what they like. Provided the power of religious groups is curbed, the state isn't funding it and wider society is not significantly affected then leave them to it.

The whole bus campaign was pathetic sixth form posturing from it's conception to it's execution. Outside of a barbaric theocracy like Saudi Arabia saying you don't believe in God hardly takes guts or bravery. It's about as dangerous as children playing soldiers in the back garden.

norhbritain said...

I felt the bus campaign was misplaced too.

On my blog I suggested that the right place for atheist advertising was on the strips of Rangers and Celtic football tops.

At a stroke decimating the sectarian nonsense of the Glasgow teams!

iLL Man said...

"At a stroke decimating the sectarian nonsense of the Glasgow teams!"

Yr kidding, right?

I'm just tickled pink that Dawkins has blown a fortune on something that is so utterly pointless and risible.

northbritain said...


But it would have them - the atheists - much greater publicity than a few posters on London Buses!

northbritain said...

I'm sure Dawkins could well afford his £5500 donation. Probably sold more books of the back of it too.

Plus the atheists have received over £100 000 in internet donations and the money is still piling in.

See their site for the rolling total.

iLL Man said...

Ah! I thought it was more than that. Still more money than I've ever seen at once.

With regard to your idea of the Old Firm wearing Humanist Society slogans, I think I may be missing the punchline on that one....("~)

So, it was all a cynical marketing ploy? Nice one.

Clairwil said...

Mind you you've got to hand it to Dawkings getting folk to blow all that money on his marketing. Do you think if I ask him nicely he'll give me a few pointers to raise money for my guerrilla gardening projects?

I think you may overestimate the spiritual dimension of old firm bigotry. They'd probably just start scrapping over whether it was the Catholic God or the Protestant God the slagans refer to.

iLL Man said...

I quite agree Clairwil. I'm going to contact him and tell him I'm a red hot atheist and ask if he fill up my pay-pal account so that I might spread the word.........? ;)

Clairwil said...

Hah brilliant! Then I'll get on to the pope and see if he'll match the filthy heathen. This could be very lucrative.

Anonymous said...

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