Oh Looky!

I just picked up The Guardian two minutes ago and as a result have discovered the most wonderful website! It is a compilation of the wit and wisdom of the various contributors to the BBC Have Your Say pages.

It's almost impossible to choose a favourite -though Jack Taft has to be a contender. Then again Jim Bob's expose of those evil darkies and their selfish insistence on eating hot food is comedy gold. Still there can only be one winner and after much dithering I crown Angela of Birmingham the HYS Queen for her comments on lads mags and her apparent belief that they encourage paedophilia by showing adults with their baps out.

Go and marvel!


Sorry Angela remove your crown and step off the podium! I have a new winner. Before I introduce you to the improbably named 'Mohammed Pork' of Mecca, Pakistan let me ask you to think about possible answers to the following question.

'What should be done to improve parenting skills?'

It's a tricky one but nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared me for Mr Pork's reply;

'Time has come to anhiliate pakistan and bangladesh from the map of the world… the muslims need to be punished…they have lost their license to live'

Mohammed Pork, Mecca, Pakistan

Seriously can we give this guy his own show? I can see it now 'Pork's World' in which Big Mo Pork gives us his views on the issues of the day before choosing which Muslim nation should be eradicated at the end of each show in revenge for the world's woes. Imagine the studio audience banging their feet chanting 'no licence to live' as Mo announces that the congestion charge is just sharia law under a so called trendy pc name and blows up Iran as revenge! Obviously the PC brigade would never allow Mo to nuke Iran for real but he could do something symbolic like write 'Iran' on a single mother's forehead and let the studio audience kick her to death.


joe90 said...

goes from best to bestest to better!

If you are interested,
here is the dark side of the BBC's 'Have Your Say' where you can read comments that have been censored -
Watch Your Mouth
News Sniffer

The NS 'Revisionista' is a pretty nifty wee gadget as well.

all the best!

iLL Man said...

I'm not entirely convinced that Jack Taft and Jim Bob aren't at the wind up, but Angela looks to be the real deal. It's not possible to intentionally punctuate that badly. For what it's worth, my favourite comment from that particular SYB thread is:

"Gah! Knocking one out over a catalogue has never been the same since they started photoshopping away nipples & bush from the see-thru lingerie.


I feel his pain, teenage boys had it so good in the 90's..........

Clairwil said...

I see hours of my life vanishing.

Ill Man,
Taft has enough for to suggest he's genuine! Jimbob could very well be a wind up.

FlyingRodent said...

I've lost my license to live as well, which is a bit of a bugger since I had it just a minute ago.

I've looked down the back of the sofa and everything... I suppose it's one of those things where you just have to forget about it and it'll show up a few days later.

And that really is a great website, BTW.

Clairwil said...

Don't worry about it. I lost mine ages ago, all I did was kill a Muslim and steal theirs. After they've no business wandering about with a licence to live that could be used by hard working British families. Mind you I felt a right plum when I found mine in my other jacket pocket. Still if they don't like it......

Anonymous said...

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