Laughing All The Way To The Bank At Glasgow!

It almost seems to good to be true but could the Labour reign of corruption in Scotland finally be drawing to a close? I don't want to get too cocky as I'm still not convinced they'll lose Glasgow East -although I'm pretty certain their majority will be drastically reduced.

Anyway today's papers have come up with a carnival of Labour crooks and buffoons for the despair and amusement of the masses.

First up we have Glasgow councillor George Ryan who should really have stuck to hanging about amusement arcades squandering his own money rather than lolling about the city chambers pissing ours away. Anyway Mr Ryan has rather unexpectedly pulled out of the running for David Marshall's old seat which naturally begs the question why. There are it would appear two answers. The first is that a paper were intending to dig up an old story about housing benefit fraud, though as he was cleared of the charges I fail to see why that would cause him to pull out. The second regards allegations of being less than honest about council plans to destroy Paddys Market. Mr Ryan and ten of his Labour chums have all been reported to The Standards Commission, including I'm delighted to report my loathsome and useless local councillor Gordon Matheson.

Whatever the truth of the matter his decision does appear somewhat sudden. This Friday in work we got the news that council spending reforms in which the East End and I quote would be 'the big loser' were to be put on hold until next year. Presumably the council thought that Mr Ryan's enthusiastic support for spending cuts in his constituency wouldn't go down to well with the electorate and now he's gone and pulled out.

It also appears that David Marshall's rather convenient bout of ill health may have been brought on by questions over the £500,000 he's trousered in expenses over the last six years to pay for his wife to work from his office at home. Let's remember this man represents the poorest area in the whole of the UK. Truly the poor are a goldmine.

Finally we have the news that my nemesis Margaret 'Fourth Choice' Curran has been selected as the Labour candidate. I must say I'm at a loss as to why anyone is concerned about how she'll handle being an MP and an MSP at the same time. Doing bugger all for her constituents in two jobs can't be any harder than doing it one.

If all this looks like contempt for the people they represent that's because it is.



Esther said...

i was out chapping doors in East today (as every day) and we are getting lots of conversions - i.e. "I usually vote Labour but I am pissed off at them and am voting for the SNP this time."

Clairwil said...

I think there will be a big swing to the SNP but wonder if it'll be enough. I'm also expecting a pretty low turnout though it's hard to say who that'll benefit.

Anonymous said...

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