Old Goats

I like watching rich loopers implode as much as the rest of you. Don't even bother denying it -you do. But I'm slightly alarmed by this uprising of the common man in defence of vain rich tossers being taken to the cleaners by their younger, sexier and smarter wives.

I find the notion of marrying someone for their cash shabby and demeaning but as my mother is always telling me that is the rock I will perish on. You can see she thinks highly of my talents can't you?

That said do any of these men who manage to attract foxy, young blondes half their age actually believe these women would pay them any attention if they were on the dole or in low paid work? I'm afraid I can't work up much sympathy for poor Paul McCartney or poor Phil Smith. Either they willingly subjected their wives to their wrinkly charms not caring that any young woman would find them repulsive or they were so monstrously vain and lacking in self awareness that they actually believed themselves to be attractive to young women.

They chose to treat the institution of marriage like hiring a hooker. These ladies charge by the hour, slights, humiliation and the embarrassment of being seen with a coffin dodger in public would I imagine cost extra.

Sorry but I disbelieve Mrs Walsh-Smith's claims of no sex. It's a nice try but a it simply isn't credible that he was with her for brains and companionship. Despite being very much on her side I'd be homicidal after a minute in her company. Heather Mills is of course a different story -if she drank we'd be bosom buddies but otherwise I love the way she got out the gutter with a combination of grit, tit and cunning.

Marriage serves many functions romantic, religious, social duty and a business contact between two adults. If Richard Branson signed a contract giving half his empire to a penniless teenage lovely then whined when they fell out with him a walked off with half the business , we'd all hoot and doubt his business judgement. Why some repellent old goat that won't play with girls his own age is deserving of sympathy is a mystery to me. Could you imagine share holders who'd lost a fortune accepting the excuse that the chairman of the company signed a bad contact because he had the horn?

Might I suggest the 'victims' of these awful golddiggers accept responsibility for their own lives. Learn the lessons lads. Go and see a performance of Carmen and accept that any woman is more poweful than any man, provided she has an ounce of cunning. Swot up on Princess Di, a genuis at the art of manipulation -how else do you explain 'thicky' Spencer causing a collective nervous breakdown at the palace with a contemptuous smirk masked by a few forced tears?

Rich men who try to make a saving on the hourly rate charged by escorts by marrying a dollybird deserve all thats coming to them. Pay the bill.

As a girlie I have to accept that I'll never throw a punch like Tyson, need to watch what I drink, where I go, carry a rape alarm and a defender spray when I go out at night. Similarly men need to watch who they let in on the financial action. I need to do the same -not that I've got much to take but there are people with less than me. Frankly if marrying a golddigger was all I had to worry about I'd be laughing. No better stupidity fine has been invented than golddigging and for that reason alone I'm all for it.



iLL Man said...

As a bloke who couldn't out-punch Charles Hawtrey.............

Aw Fuck!

transfattyacid said...

I agree with your sentiment in general about a fool and his money but I can't agree with with your opening premise that these women are younger, sexier and smarter.

Yeah they are in made for TV dramas - but the woman on the video? Is she really that smart?

All she has really done is to take your mother's advice and marry for money.

And she can't be that sexy if he's using porn and viagra - though he is to be commended for also using condoms - which gives a good indication of how the rich live, since a sock would do just as well.

Clairwil said...

'but the woman on the video? Is she really that smart?'

Not in the grand scheme of things. She was smart smart enough to marry money whereas he was silly enough to go along with it which in my book makes her smarter than him.

Anonymous said...

"They chose to treat the institution of marriage like hiring a hooker. These ladies charge by the hour, slights, humiliation and the embarrassment of being seen with a coffin dodger in public would I imagine cost extra."

Old goats bad, gold diggers good, hmmm. Sorry nothing to commend either in my eyes.

iLL Man said...

I think Clairwil is just pointing out that the general public should have little or no sympathy with rich old men who marry young, attractive women. It's not really marriage in the sense that most of us know it. Old blokey gets his ego stroked, gets his 'Nat King' and his ailing libido boosted, while young dearie walks away with a bit of loot for her trouble.

Maybe if they defined such 'marriages' as what they truly are (business transactions), people wouldn't get so worked up.

Sanctity of marriage my arse!

Anonymous said...

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