Actually No-One Gives A Fuck.

I did intend to hold my tongue on this having had a bellyful of ill-informed bloggers banging on about abducted children over the last year or so.

However no-one comes here for the highbrow chit chat so what the hell. There have been a number of press articles comparing the coverage of Shannon Matthew's disappearance with that of Madeleine McCann. It is true that the media do give more attention to missing children from nice respectable families. I can hardly believe I am about to write this but Julie Bindel took a day off from being a total clown and wrote this splendid piece about media class prejudice in missing child cases. The kidnap of any child is an outrage that should not be tolerated and that is the case whether the parents are dukes, dustmen or war criminals.

It's just that I'm slightly sceptical that the recent spate of articles are motivated solely by concern for all children. To me being concerned about all children would involve caring about the sort of homes they are brought up in, their education, their opportunities and their general well being. It doesn't involve throwing ones hands up in the air when a child goes missing and not bothering the rest of the time. Nor does it involve displaying an obvious belief that poverty renders parents incompetent.

If the columnists weeping about the conduct of the media of which they are a part are really so concerned about child welfare then why aren't they making judgemental and disapproving comments about Shannon Matthews' home life because the fact is it was a mess.

Bea Campbell tells us that 'Karen Matthews has acted appropriately throughout' well there is a first time for everything. She then takes issue with the suggestions of domestic violence, drinking and promiscuity on the part of Shannon' mother. I must say I find myself surprised. For a start why on earth is a self-proclaimed feminist being so dismissive of domestic violence endured by a woman and witnessed by a little girl? I would have thought that someone interested in the lot of females would be very concerned by such a state of affairs. She is also apparently unworried by the evident excessive drinking in the household. Naturally the parent and her beau being over 18 have every right to drink as much as they desire. I just would have expected them to realise that drunkenness and parenthood don't mix- apparently not. That a well educated Guardian journalist is too 'non-judgemental' to realise it is terrifying.

As for Karen Matthews remarkable success rate with the chaps it just goes to show there is hope for us all. However she might want to have a word with her GP about contraception or a long hard think about what she has to offer a child. Oh come on accidents happen but seven times with five different chaps? Even I've never managed that!

If you're smart you'll note that none of the above has anything to do with poverty. The ability to buy alcohol comes from having a disposable income, contraception is free on the NHS, condemnation of violence against women and children is free. There is no excuse for the household Shannon was brought up which let's remember her grandparents don't think is fit for her to go back to and is one that social services had a strong interest in.

I see nothing wrong in judging Karen Matthews as a mother. Let's face it you wouldn't wish her on your worst enemy. She is a moronic, bloated, selfish cunt who should have her tubes tied and her children adopted. What she did not deserve was to have her daughter abducted. The negative media attention and the rest would do her good if she were capable of learning.

The tragic fact is that there are girls like Shannon all over Britain paying the price for being born to selfish and thick parents. Most of them are lucky enough not to be abducted but are unlucky enough not to come to the nations attention. Out of sight, out of mind. Who cared about Shannon before she hit the news? The children of the poor have as much right to a decent upbringing as the rest of us and upstairs denying downstairs what their own children take for granted is repugnant. To add insult to injury by implying it is caused by lack of money is evil. Still better that than turn attention to the failure of the middle class run education service or the failure of the middle class run social work department. Jack's all right so fuck Darren. That my friends is true class hatred, dressing it up as caring or compassion just makes it more apparent.



ZinZin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Duff said...

"She is a moronic, bloated, selfish cunt who should have her tubes tied and her children adopted. What she did not deserve was to have her daughter abducted."

Simply superb!

Sunny said...

Well said as ever Clairwil!

septicisle. said...

I think that David Duff has congratulated says it all, really.

David Duff said...

I usually do say it all, 'SI' (if you will aexcuse the abbreviation).

David Duff said...

... and the typo!

David Duff said...

... and the typo!

Clairwil said...

Cheers folks!

I appear to have had a very good and wise comment go missing. I presume to author thought better of it. I've still got it in my email alert thing so can respond.

You have a point I could indeed have made more use of the word alleged. I'm afraid I've been a bit swayed by the fact it was Shannon's grandparents making the allegations openly rather than some anonymous snitch!

Anonymous said...

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