I really am sorry

I know I said it would be business as usual this week and at the time I meant it but events, dear reader events!

First up I have received a letter from my boss indicating that there is a strong possibility of me being made redundant in the next few months. I'll be sorry to lose some of my clients, though I'll be continuing to work with my favourites in my own time so it's not too much of a wrench. Moreover as I won't be restricted by absurd rules and left wing dogma from the mind of a madwoman I'll actually be able to offer a bit of real help. It's also given me a bit of a deadline for my business plan though I'm not over confident of being able to start up properly by July -then again you never know.

Naturally I've made a point of being especially nice to her to freak her out and I'm pleased to say it's working. There is also a part of me that owes the woman a real debt of gratitude because if she wasn't so loathsome and unpleasant I might have ended drifting along in that job for another five years by which time I'd be as mad as her and her pets. In any case it would be a violation of the Clairwil code of ethics to be seen to be distressed by the antics of a boss. Lack of income is no excuse for grovelling at the feet of mouthy morons.

Oh if any of you are thinking of skipping down the merry path towards self-employment, allow me to draw your attention towards 'Flying Start Ups' which is a website and forum of rather charming and exceptionally helpful folk providing tips, information and so on for budding entrepreneurs. It's a wonderful resource and the sort of thing that gives me a warm glow inside so well done to Steve Parks for inventing it. I'm using one of his books as a reference to plan my business and so far I've found it invaluable.

It's quite funny but the last time I was self-employed, I just decided what I wanted to do wrote a business plan that I thought Scottish Enterprise would like. Got refused funding, rolled my eyes, started it on a shoestring then went back for funding a year later and obtained twice what I was looking for from a 'Dragons Den' style panel who seemed charmed by my jokes, wild exaggerations and giggling. I expect that kind of cheek is a lot more impressive coming from a 20 year old bleached blonde in a leopard print mini skirt than a 33 year old brunette with giant earrings and no funds. Home ownership doesn't half dampen ones spirits.

I am aiming to be back at the blogging game properly next week but if I'm not may it comfort you to know I'll be scowling at a calculator and trying to keep a straight face as I write the words 'bid for government contracts' then remember who I am. Keep your peckers up!



David Duff said...

Good luck - really - from some one else who was once self employed.

iLL Man said...

No apologies required. Good to see things are taking a positive turn on the career front. Best of luck, just keep all us nosey sods up to date, ok?

liwo said...

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