The Shame Continues

Hard on the heels of my drunken episode comes news of Mr Clairwil going off the rails. He didn't even have the excuse of the demon drink which allows me to retain the moral high ground, though in his defence he was trying to 'rehabilitate' a junkie thief.

The sad thing is the junkie in question was almost quite decent in that he used to fund his habit by servicing chaps in various gay cruising spots in Glasgow. There was no need for him to turn to theft. I can only assume he did so out of selfishness, a disapproval of prostitution being somewhat absurd under the circumstances.

The facts of the matter are as follows, he was strolling along when he glanced in a shop window only to spot a junkie who had stolen a large amount of stock from his old shop. Incredibly the junkie actually seemed to have a job in the shop, which raised Mr Clairwil's hopes of getting his money back- he's a clever man but there are times when his naivety astonishes me. The poor soul doesn't realise that shame has been abolished and that far from being embarrassed the thief will perceive himself as the victim.

If only I'd been there. The whole reason people choose to addict themselves to smack is to absolve themselves of responsibility for their own lives, so there was and is no way he was ever going to be paid back. To the junkie it isn't his fault he steals, he's a helpless addict after all, instead he steals because the rest of us are wicked enough to own anything that isn't nailed down. Honestly I've no patience with junkies I've never met one that didn't turn into a bastard and I include two former friends in that both of whom I'd have gladly lain down my life for prior to their addiction. I had no hesitation in dropping them like hot bricks when they began to regard everyone around them as little more than a source of cash.

Which is why headbutting the creature was futile. Not to mention a silly thing to do in front of witnesses. More so when the witnesses sprang into action and sat on Mr Clairwil, refusing to let him go until he promised not to hit anyone. On reflection it's as well I wasn't there or I'd have started biting folk Tyson style. No one sits on Mr Clairwil on my watch.

That isn't the worst of it, while the staff were sat on Mr Clairwil one of them scratched him. Isn't that appalling! I don't know who is responsible, so I'm forced to punish the whole shop and so a vendetta is born.



BenefitScroungingScum said...

Oh dear. How is Mr C now? Seems to be alot of it about atm. Smack that is, rather than headbutting. It's all 'trendy' apparently, and the in thing to smoke according to all sorts of people I know. I call it 'that dirty brown shite' and issue dire warnings they'll all be sorry that are ignored. Sigh. Sorry about your friends x

Jim said...

Interesting post and one that echoes my own concerns about users discarding their needles. You can find it http://jimmillar.blogspot.com/2007/12/needle-exchange.html

if you are interested. Hope Mr Clairwill is feeling better.

iLL Man said...

Were the rozzers called? Is he in trouble or anything?

I can't condone random acts of violence, but I think I understand his frustrations. Never mind, bollock chops from Lez Ferdinand will doubtless write a concept album about it. The 'Jaggy Bunnet Suite' perhaps?

Give him my regards and tell him to count to ten next time...........

Clairwil said...

Mr Clairwil is fine, though he did get a stern ticking off from me. There was talk of involving the police but as the junkie in question had a bit of 'form' he decided it wouldn't be a good idea.

I had a read at your post and it's pretty much spot on. The worst of it is, the sight of discarded needles becomes the 'norm' and the potential risk to public health is frightening.

liwo said...

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