News reaches me that mediocre fashion designer Stella McCartney has just unveiled a £300 silver necklace which features a single leg. I really cannot image who that is supposed to wind up. If you've ever had cause to doubt that the fashion industry is run by hate filled morons then let the following quote about the necklace remove any lingering doubts;

'A lot of people thought it was really edgy while others secretly thought it was out of order. It's such an obvious dig. It will cause a stir when it goes on sale.'

Whilst I'm pleased dreary Stella has finally managed to design something worth taking about I have to say I'm unimpressed. What did she do when her mother pissed her off- make earrings in the shape of tumours? Mind you Heather must be cock-a-hoop as it rather proves what she's been saying in her alarming TV outbursts.

Personally I am a huge fan of Heather Mills but as no-one else is I don't see that her reputation can get any worse. If I were her which obviously I'm not, I'd have those tapes released.
I'm quite sure the McCartney households 'mong jokes' are no end of fun.



ZinZin said...

Vindictive that sums up Stella's latest work. As for McCartney; no fool like an old fool. Is anyone surprised that their relationship/marriage ended like this?

Question: Why are you a fan of HMM?

Clairwil said...

The end of the marriage is no surprise. Even leaving the money and stuff aside, it always smacked of a rebound job to me.

As for being a fan of Heather Mills, I rather admire how well she's done in life. She's like an unstoppable force in the way she can turn everything to her advantage. She might be feeling the pressure a bit just now but I'm confident she'll rise above it when the dust settles. There's also an element of sympathy there given the ridiculous treatment she's had since taking up with McCartney. Even if she did marry him for his money -so what he's got tons of it. He's hardly going to end up on the streets.

In my book McCartney comes out of this looking like a cunt. To stand by and allow the mother of your child to be pilloried for the sake of a few million that he'll neither spend nor miss is deplorable. I realise he might not be Miss Mills biggest fan but you'd think he'd want to protect his daughter. If there was a nonce list for emotional child abusers I'd put him near the top.

And The Frog Chorus was shite!

iLL Man said...

Now, that's tacky...........

I don't know, I'm loving all the smear campaigns and outbursts, though I do think Heather Mills has lost the place slightly.

The McCartney's hold all the cards (public sympathy, the press on their side), so it's inevitable that Mills is going to come out fighting.

Beats me why they're getting a divorce anyway, they seem so well suited.

Katy Newton said...

In my book McCartney comes out of this looking like a cunt. To stand by and allow the mother of your child to be pilloried for the sake of a few million that he'll neither spend nor miss is deplorable.

Absolutely. And so neatly put. I don't think she's been terribly sensible in the way that she's dealt with the press, but the fact is that they have absolutely pilloried her and continue to do so.

I'm not sure why everyone's sneering at her for saying that she's had death threats, either. Most celebrities get them and I don't doubt that she's been getting them from the moment she stepped into the place recently vacated by St Linda...

Clairwil said...

Perhaps it's being a bit prone to 'episodes' myself or getting more sensitive in my old age but the whole thing is making me wince.

Agreed I'd be amazed if she didn't get death threats. Partly for just being famous, for marrying McCartney and possibly for the animal rights stuff. Aside from that, the fact is that the wives of both Lennon and McCartney have always been treated appallingly. In Cynthia and Yoko's case by Lennon, his fans and the press and in Linda McCartney's case by the press and fans. The St Linda thing just makes me laugh. Wasn't she the 'dog with wings'? I certainly never heard a good word about her until she got cancer.

I must say the attitudes being displayed by some people over this are extraordinary.

Let's face it McCartney has still got the first pound he ever earned.
For the sake of the wider British economy if nothing else it would be better spent.

FlyingRodent said...

I'm not bothered about the whole thing - I figure Sir Paul can afford it.

And I regard it as a wholly justified fine for The Frog Chorus and that heinous Give war a chance anthem he did in response to September 11th.

Gah, that piece of shit was written by the same guy who did Eleanor Rigby, you know.

iLL Man said...

I would compare Paul McCartney's collected musical contribution to the world to, oh I don't know......

A dried up dog turd?

I've a cheek to talk. I like Brian Wilson, though he did at least write some great stuff amongst the sentimental dreck.

Anonymous said...

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