The Britblog Round Up No 144

Welcome to this weeks round up, a bit late but well worth the wait I hope. Let's kick this week off with a reminder that not all hoodies are bad in fact some of them are positively angelic.

Rachel From North London writes an excellent post on the 'lyrical terrorist' and wonders if she maybe nothing more than a bloody awful poet.

Regular round up host Susanne Lamido draws our attention to a rather odd advert currently appearing in Belguim for the new Eurostar service to St Pancras. Susanne is not impressed but praise where it's due the fellow has an impeccable aim. Meanwhile Unmitigated England pays a visit to the all new St Pancras station.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you accidentally freeze cheese? If so wonder no more. Had it been me I think I would have cried. Still I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person prone to losing groceries and is ejected from the champagne bar!

The Debatable Land describes the Scottish footballing experience in all it's hellish glory. Irvine Welsh was right -it is shite being Scottish. Also from The Debatable Land is a possible solution for those who wish only to change the subject when asked how the book is coming along.

Liberal England explains how Margaret Thatcher ruined British chess -a fascinating article.

Moving on Norman Baker MP expresses his misgivings regarding the Hutton report into the dealth of David Kelly and argues that a proper inquest is still needed.

Staying with the Lib Dems for a while longer William Gladstone gives us his 200 year old perspective on the Lib Dem leadership contest. As indeed does Iain Sharpe (from a more youthful standpoint).

Earthpal has a truly lovely post about about a soon to be retired cleaner on her ward. Whilst I too hope the unnamed lady has a long and wonderful retirement she sounds like the sort of worker our hospitals could do with more of. If only she could be cloned.

Blood and Treasure brings us a mysterious tale of money in brown envelopes and celebrates four years of blogging with his greatest hits.

It's sad how easily the words corrupt council trip off the tongue -The Whiskey Priest brings us a depressingly familiar tale.

Finally 200 percent brings us a tale of turbulent times at Ebbsfleet Utd in two posts.

Thats it for this week. Get your nominations in for next weeks round up at britblogATgmail.com and make sure to pop in to Liberal England for another look at the best of the U.K blogosphere but before that why not pay a visit to the Scottish Round Up.



Rachel said...

Thanks Clair - linked on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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