Ah'm huvvin awfy bother wi yon ennui

As you may have noticed I'm at a bit of a low ebb, though nothing compared to the 'episodes' of last year. God Bless Prozac! I don't care what anyone says it's a fine drug and I have no intention of coming off it ever. So there.

Anyway rather than sit about waiting for the planets to get into alignment or whatever it is that gets one out of a rut I have resolved to take action. I've started doing all the obvious stuff like a cooked breakfast once a week, eating vitamins and fruit, caffeine pills and exercise but now I'm stuck. Hence why I turn to you my wise band of readers to help me plan my next move.

The failure of my grand plan The Idler's Guild to bring me into contact with people with similar interests has dented my confidence a bit as indeed has the failure of my various business ventures. I'm not out to make millions just a living doing something that doesn't make me ill and ideally meet a few like-minded souls along the way.

Have any of you taken action to improve your lot? How did you choose the right path? What does one do when one feels a bit lost and bewildered? Any wise advice would be appreciated either in the comments below or send me an email.



BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hello, sorry to hear you're feeling a bit blue. I'm not sure I have any real constructive suggestions, just perhaps offering some friendly support. Being stuck in most of the time I find that when I'm starting to feel low it's almost always connected to not enough natural light, could that be part of the problem? Whatever the cause, I hope you start to feel more yourself soon.
As for the business thing..well, I only wish I knew! Look after yourself, Bendy Girl x

Clairwil said...

Thanks for that. You're very kind. I'm actually going to buy a lightbox as I'm told they're quite good for perking one up when there's a lack of natural light. That said they're pricey and I'm skint so I might need to wait a while for that one.

the ill man said...

Been thinking about this for a few days.....

I think the Idlers Guild needs time to get to where you want it. Don't be put off by the early setbacks. I'll email you about it tonight.

As for advice about improving your lot, I think I'll leave that to others better qualified, I'm not known for dispensing terribly helpful lifestyle tips...........

Anyway, chin up and keep going. I think you're on the right road, even though it maybe feels like you've taken a wrong turning somewhere.

Clairwil said...

Though I suspect we'll have to beg to differ on the Idlers meet up thing.

iLL Man said...

I was going to email you tonight about trying to get more than just a couple of the 23 Guild members along, but frankly, beyond moral balckmail ("So, you just join these groups for the sake of it do you?"), I can't really see how we'll get people along. Maybe you're right....

Anyway, I've got a new short story going up on the blog tonight.


Clairwil said...

'Maybe you're right....'

I often am! It's not so much getting people along. It's the realisation that the height of most peoples ambition is to sit in the pub rather than come up with ideas and act on them. I quite capable of sitting in the pub without assistance.

I wanted to brew ale, write things, create stuff and have festivals. I wanted a co-operative of Idlers, music, dancing, allotments and merriment not a tedious argument about Muslims and fuck all.

In point of fact, if Mhari is to be believed they were about the only people that actually got it. Though they could perhaps have done with being a little less serious.

Chris said...

The Idlers Guild thing is/was a great idea, and I feel bad that I never managed to make it along. The secret is to keep trying, keep doing new things, every crazy idea that might just work, ad one day it will.

Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad and sometimes its good again. It comes and it goes.

iLL Man said...

I just got the feeling that circumstances never allowed it to get to the stage of being any more than just people sitting in the pub.

That said, I saw the futility of the current setup on Wednesday night, so maybe I'm just being insanely optimistic.

Sunny said...

Hey Clairwil,

Sorry to hear that about the online ventures. It's a very difficult business to crack to be honest. My only suggestion is to think it it as your first attempt... and almost always there is a learning curve.

It never is a matter of trying something once and giving up... you need to try different things in different ways I suppose.

Sunny said...

PS - I love MIA too!

Anonymous said...

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