The Britblog Round Up

Rather short of nominations this week so I'll start with a reminder to take time to nominate your favourites. You can even nominate yourself, it really does give your traffic a boost and there are some exciting developments afoot with the round up which should lead for more hits for all.

First up we have some sort of drunken lord who's been bothering Peter Hain of all people via email. Did you know that Peter Hain is not a Czech?

Cross your legs as Tim Worstall enlightens us on the effects of male circumcision.

At Pickled Politics Sunny has been backing Jon Cruddas for the Labour Party deputy leadership and I've read a book -and before anyone says it, no it didn't have pictures in it.

A big thank-you to Philobiblon who has gone above and beyond the call of duty with her numerous, excellent nominations. Do treat yourself by reading this post of hers on medieval mystic Margery Kempe.

Surrealism, commerce and selling out at My London Your London.

Antonia attempts to obtain the resources to give her young constituents what they want and has a little victory in the process of banging her head off a wall.

One wonders if the government ever give much real thought to how their ideas will work in practice. Barkingside 21 looks at the absurdities thrown up in trying to prove and protect one's identity.

The Grumpy Old Bookman brings details of that rarest of things -success in self-publishing. Lulu here I come!

I promise you that this on sustainable urban drainage systems is more interesting than it sounds. It appeals to my love of clever tricks and hatred of waste.

Why in the name of God did no-one tell me whales lived so long? Now they interest me. I am not making this up but this is a post about a 100+ year old whale with a bomb in it's shoulder. Perhaps it's just because I am but a simple, silly woman but I'm rather upset about the death of this whale.

It's reading things like this that make me give thanks for ready made ice cream and the humble pot of yoghurt. Truly the pudding from hell.

Moving on from the pudding from hell, we have the curtain twitchers from hell or the government as they are also known. I urge every new mother to write 'Graham Norton' under fathers name on the birth certificate until the busybodies get the message and keep their beaks out.

Diamond Geezer reports on the attack of the blue fences -and you thought the logo was the worst thing about the 2012 Olympics.

The most terrifying thing I've ever read. I'm afraid of nappies as it is but this, this is just eeeek, yuck, yick and aarrrrgh!

This man may think he's too lazy for social networking sites but he's way more committed than I've ever been.

Let it be known that I strive to be neutral in the rounding up of blogs as it will explain what follows.

A poll to choose an anti-Muslim flag which we can all fly should we be that way inclined.

I have no idea what this is referring to .

Muslim and anti-Muslim demo through the eyes of someone with an 'unusual' perspective on these things.

You can read an account of the 'British Oppression' demo written by a human being with a functioning brain here.

To end on a higher note, which is not to damn this with faint praise -Save the Ribble!


youdontknowme said...

You have no idea what he is referring to? It's quite clear that he is talking about the fact that the mayor of London has refused to put certain people on the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority because they are white men. Wasn't that a bit obvious just by reading?

iLL Man said...

Love the anon comment on the Livingston thread. He's a right card.

"All the Ethnigs must think this wanker will give us anything hes a cunt.."

Oooh!! 'Ethnig' That's a good 'un....... Do you see the way the guy put 'ethnic' and 'nigger' together? To make an entirely new word!!!! What a clever chappie. He later tops this by expanding it to 'ethnignog'. He's got work to do, cos 'Mudslimes' is pretty poor. Must do better!

Now, I'm assuming he's the blog idiot, but it pays not to assume in these situations........

Clairwil said...

'youdontknowme' (thank the lord)
Not really I'm not aware of the story he's referring to. If the story is as he presents it, I'm amazed it hasn't had much more publicity. He's hardly a credible source, given that it would have been helpful if he'd provided his source.

There's always at least one wasp at the picnic. Though we are lucky to have such a clever wasp. Inspired by his witty wordplay I've put the letters cu together with nt to describe him.

iLL Man said...

He did provide a source. It's the "I shit you not!!" link.

Does seem like Kens still obsessed with 'positive discrimination'. Nothing we didn't all know already. Thing is, you'd think he'd just introduced Sharia Law or something, going by the bug eyed racial hatred it's generated on that particular blog.... Don't think it takes much on the whole though...As long as their happy.

Clairwil said...

Good God! I was so goggle eyed with amazement I missed the link. Everyone knows that Ken is an elected arsehole. Something of a non-stoty I'd have thought. In any case isn't daft Ken to blame rather with the 'ethnowogs'?

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Yet again one needs to point out that Islam is a religion not a race. Why is this so hard to grasp?

Marcin said...

Because it has characteristics of an ethnic grouping. Why is this so hard to grasp?

BFB said...

Clairwil said:"He's hardly a credible source, given that it would have been helpful if he'd provided his source."

A link to the source was clearly provided, as anyone with a functioning brain can see.

The Pickled Politics account of the demo was not only a second-hand account but wholly innaccurate. I was at that demo (unlike any of your 'credible' sources) and I can assure you there were only about 50 NF demonstrators, not the 200 claimed by Pickled Politics.

Phil (Battle For Britain).

iLL Man said...

Islam is indeed a religion and not a race. Doesn't stop people making it a racial issue and using the vocal minority of hard line Islam as a stick with which to beat 'The ethnics'.

BFB said...

Ill man,"Doesn't stop people making it a racial issue"

Don't make it a racial issue then!

iLL Man said...

"Don't make it a racial issue then!"

Don't worry, I wasn't about to. Thought that was more your scene.

Confuscious of Maryhill say...."Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience".

BFB said...

Ill (exactly how sick are you?)Man:

How old are you?( Just for the record).

Don't say "twelve"....I've encountered more intelligent comments from Labour Party members. Try something ....get this..."origional"...

I knew that'd fool ya!

Lemmee guess: You'll come up with something really smart, like : "You are racist".

Am I right!

Ohh, I'm hurt...(-:

BFB said...

ill man,

Are you a disabled, self pitying, "everyone should cut me some slack", self righteous, 'big brother wannabee'moron who votes Labour "because that's what my teachers told me to do', BNP hating urban Gorilla?


Then you have a double!

the ill man said...

BFB, my humblest apologies, I had no idea you were so sensitive. That's a fine character profile you've done there. It's all true as well. Apart from voting Labour, that's just an insult too far.....

Thanks for biting.

BFB said...

"That's a fine character profile you've done there."

My dad can fight your dad.

(Childish enough for you?)

iLL Man said...

All jolly banter aside, I do have a few questions BfB.

Is your loathing of Islam and it's followers all encompassing, or is it mainly reserved for the lunatic fringe?

I'm making an assumption here, but I'm guessing yr a BNP or NF member. Where do you stand on the BNP's ethnic purity policies?

BFB said...

"Do you see the way the guy put 'ethnic' and 'nigger' together? To make an entirely new word!!!!

A bit like putting 'National' and 'Socialist' together to make 'Nazi'.

Don't tell me you never use that word.

iLL Man said...

"My dad can fight your dad.

(Childish enough for you?)"

Yeah, just about. Cheers!

BFB said...

Clairwil:"Something of a non-story I'd have thought"

So why did you say: "I'm amazed it hasn't had much more publicity."

Make your mind up, you're confusing me!

I may not have a 'fully functioning brain' but at least I'm consistent.

iLL Man said...

ethnig makes no sense though. An ethnic nigger? what's that?

iLL Man said...

or am I just not down with the latest race hate lingo?

iLL Man said...

It is in actual fact a non story. Thing is, the likes of the Daily Mail and the Express, with their mania for non stories that fit their political agendas, should really have picked up on it by now. Which means it must be considered too shit to even grace the pages of the Evening Standard. I could be wrong of course and see it plastered across the front pages tomorrow. I live in hope.

BFB said...

Ill man,

I agree, jolly banter aside.

I am not a member of any political party.

My doctor is one of the nicest, helpful, decent human beings I've ever encountered. She is a Muslim.

Islam doesn't bother me, Shariah Law does.

I am not aware of the BNP's 'ethnic purity policies', I don't believe such policies exist.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!

BFB said...

"It is in actual fact a non story"

Did you try the link I provided? It doesn't link to the Daily mail or any other newspaper, it links to the GLA website


if that's a non-story I'd be interested to know what you consider a 'story'.

iLL Man said...


I know you'll disagree, but 'incentives' to send members of legal, naturalised immigrant populations home is, to me, inextricably tied in with ethnic purification. How long until such a policy goes from being 'optional' to 'compulsory'? The belligerent rhetoric of many BNP members and politicians seems to bear this out. I also believe the figures quoted for the 'death of the white Briton' are absurd, but then, when immigration policy in this country is so ineptly handled and people people are led to believe we're being flooded with brown skinned people who 'breed faster than we do', then it's an easy lie to propagate.

Don't fancy Sharia Law myself, but I fail to see how aggressive anti-Islamism and the BNP are an answer. For what it's worth, I don't believe Sharia law will ever take hold in this country, but again, I know it's something I can't really convince you of.

I did use the link. The point I'm making is that it's not being screamed out from the news stands, or the tv or radio news. Simply put, it can't be that huge an issue. Council officials are the same the world over. Petty minded and dogma bound.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...


The link you did/didn't provide (thank god) would if we copied and pasted it into our browser have taken us to the somewhat extreme British First Party.

Can I ask you why you then mention the BNP in your comment when we have nothing whatsoever to do with those bunch of racists?

Perhaps you'd like to apologise for your error. In the meantime here is the correct link for the BNP's What We Stand For

Dave Turner Secretary South West BNP

BFB said...

"it's not being screamed out from the news stands, or the tv or radio news."

Neither was the appalling racist murder of Kris Donald, does that make it a non-story?

Do you really allow the MSM to tell you what constitutes a 'story' or do you have a mind of your own?

In my opinion, refusing to employ someone because they are white SHOULD be plastered all over the media, as it would be if the victims of blatant race discrimination were black.

Why do the media only report on racism when the victim is black?

And why do you condone it by saying that racial discrimination is a non-story when the victims are white?

Can you smell your own hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Close the comments now.

Clairwil said...

Zin Zin,
Can that be done?

'Neither was the appalling racist murder of Kris Donald, does that make it a non-story?'

That's funny it was all over the Scottish and local Glasgow press for ages, the local (Muslim) MP was involved in bringing the racist scumbags that committed the murder back to the U.K and it was the talk of Pollokshields (where I lived for 24 years, where my family still live and I live a 10 minute bus ride from) for quite some time. I have never once heard anyone try to make excuses for his murder or deny it was racially motivated, though we did have a spot of bother with arseholes trying stir up further trouble for political ends against the wishes of most of the locals.

I'd be surprised if many Scottish stories appear much in the English press.

BFB said...

"That's funny it was all over the Scottish and local Glasgow press for ages"

Besides the point.

Is it OK to tell white men "No jobs because you are white"...is the point.

Ask anyone who Stephen Lawrence was and they will know the answer.

Leave Scotland and few know who Kris Donald was.

This was the most outrageous, cowardly, vicious, spineless racist murder in British history...and yet only Scottish people are aware of it!


Because he was white?

BFB said...

So, it was the talk of Pollokshields, was it?


Do you get out of your village much?

BFB said...

"I'd be surprised if many Scottish stories appear much in the English press."

Like Tony B.Liar (sweaty), Gorgon Brown-nose(sweaty), Alastair Campbell (sweaty)...

Clair, get a fucking life!

Clairwil said...

Yes I travel a fair bit. I merely mentioned Pollokshields in relation to local reaction to it. You may think the local community there are irrelevant, I don't. Then again you're interest in the murder is purely for political ends. You couldn't give any more of a fuck about Kriss Donald than the trash that killed him.

If you would like the English press to report more on Scottish murders then I suggest you ask them rather than hassle me about it.

The reason Blair, Brown and Campbell appear in the UK press is that the are in charge of the U.K as a whole, if they were in the Scottish parliament I doubt you'd hear much about them.

As for me getting I life I've been out most of today doing just that whereas you have barely left my blog. God knows why. Why not get a job or take up a hobby? I'm told gardening is very soothing.

Lord Milky said...

"Some sort of lord". My dear, I am a lord!

I see Ill Man was here. Salutations to a fellow vending machine ally!

Toodle Pip!

BFB said...

"If you would like the English press to report more on Scottish murders then I suggest you ask them rather than hassle me about it."

I wouldn't have bothered you, but you infered that I lacked a 'functioning brain', or is that a compliment in Bollockshields?

BFB said...

PS: I think 'Lord Milky' wants to chat on your level.

I wouldn't want to get in the way...(-;

BFB said...

Did you see how I took "Bollocks" and "Shields" to create a whole new word "Bollockshields"...Clever, or WHAT?

Lord Milky said...

BFB, so sorry to have intruded upon your territory. Like you, I noticed that I had been linked here and thought I'd pop over to acknowledge that fact. I have no desire to chat with anyone here, so crack on.

mikey...of Maryhill said...

I never uised to bother about Islam much (live and let live and all that)
Its not so funny now so well done the NF (another thing I thought io'd never say)for at least countering the masked and bearded ones.
The best site on the web if faithfreedom.org.
Any lingering thoughts about "poor muslims" kinda leaves you when you read what ex Muslims have to say about cult.
Read it while you have the freedom to do so, Islam can't stand criticism.

BFB said...

Lord milky/Mikey of maryhill...

No offence intended. I found myself being attacked by Clairwil and, being a BNP voter, I defended myself and my blog...rather well, if I may say so myself!

My apologies are in order, and most sincere.

iLL Man said...

Milky, what can I say? Wrong week to get a nomination.........Sorry mate.

Zinzin - Close comments? and deny 'Britains finest' a right to reply?

BfB - "PS: I think 'Lord Milky' wants to chat on your level."

Ah yes, that would be the level of light banter and bonhomie most sane people are used to I think. I apologise on behalf of myself and Clairwil for 'attacking' you. I tell you this though, the day you can't call a BNP voter a racist twat............

It's political correctness gone mad!!!!

Cheer up you cunt!

iLL Man said...

Bournmouth Nationalist - You're quite correct, that is the wrong url I pasted up. I was moving back and forth between sites andcopy/pasted the wrong address.

I think it still illustrates the info BfB required, re repatriation.

If anything, voluntary repatriation seems even more absurd than the forced type. How do you propose to finance such a venture? What if immigrant families decide that they'd rather stay here?

It would save some cash if nothing else....

bfb said...

dhimmmi-paki lover-dicksucker-faghag-peadolovin-
aidsridden-slag-frombollocksheils-andyou know it

burn in mecca with your packi lovers

Anonymous said...

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