Waiting On The 7:18

Another post about nothing in particular. I'm feeling most uninspired these days. I blame 'Red Rum' and her whining. I blame myself as well mind, for being such a wuss. I'm thinking of having a mid life crisis. Is 32 old enough? I expect it is in Glasgow.

Work is an awful curse. Why couldn't I have been born Prince Andrew or someone similar? I could take being a national joke for that money. Mind you I wouldn't take Mrs Parker-Bowles job for any money. Well who would?

On the plus side a bouquet of flowers the size of Gibraltar arrived at work for me yesterday. Mr Clairwil hasn't gone mad, they were from a client! Taking the client floral tributes up to three. Honestly I feel like the scene of a road accident at times. I may add that I'm three bouquets ahead of my colleagues. Speak softly, look understanding- that seems to do the trick.

I'm now on broadband. The internet is much as it was on dial up though slightly faster. I remember the net of the early nineties so anything less than an hour to down load is lightening speed to me. It's not the revolution I imagined though.

Speaking of new things. I am now the proud owner of one large boil. It's mauve in colour, rather painful and weeping a psychedelic assortment of fluids. Yes I have been poking at it. I'm seeing Mr Clairwil this weekend so I'm trying to shrink it to the size of a large, angry spot. Mercifully it's not on my arse. I've endured that horror twice in this vale of tears and I would wish it on my worst enemy with all my heart. This creature has taken up residence in my left armpit which is no picnic but at least it's not on my arse or my face.

To end happily my good friend David Duff has a new army story.



iLL Man said...

Broadband is no big deal. I seem to be sitting waiting for things as much as I was with dial up. Some things like youtube and page loading are quicker but it's not always a recognisable change......If the internet is slow, it's just slow, having broadband only makes it that little bit more infuriating.

Katy Newton said...

Just squeeze the little motherfucker.

(I mean the boil.)

Otherwise you will be walking around with your arms up like that bloke in Police Academy when they put that stuff in his shower instead of deoderant. What was it? Deep Heat?

I think I am having a midlife crisis too.

Anonymous said...

As if you have to be middle aged to have a crisis. My life is always in crisis.

Fidothedog said...

The boil is most likely a curse from Terry!

iLL Man said...

I think I've got my own 'Red Rum' at work. She's got a positively equine erse as well...........

Tom Tyler said...

I still read your blog, Clairwil, and I, erm, love you loads. (in a platonic, "blogger" kind of way, of course).
Eat more veggies and salads and stuff, drink/smoke a teensy bit less if you can (God, I know it's not easy) and you'll get less boils and bogeys.
Er, like I am one to talk - I've had this big spot-like thingy on me botty for ten years or so now, every few months or so it erupts like Mount Etna, and I dawb loads of TCP and stuff on it, and it calms down for another few months, but it never quite goes away completely, it just goes dormant for a while. Must be a bit of shrapnel from the war, or something.

Anonymous said...

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