Old Brown Eyes Is Back!

I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been. You poor things! I've been on holiday in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I'd love to say that I'm feeling refreshed but I've had a return of the dreaded panic attacks. I blame Rotterdam.

I was saddened to learn that the New Year celebrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh were both cancelled due to bad weather. Who could have predicted such a turn of events in Scotland of all places? In the unlikely event anyone from Glasgow City Council is reading this, I have a small suggestion. How about having an indoor venue on standby next time? Perhaps the SECC or The Royal Concert Hall. A winter in the west of Scotland is excellent for putting hairs on your chest, less so for outdoor parties. It should beggar belief that such an obvious suggestion needs to be made but that's Glasgow City Council and their delusions of being a 'continental' city for you.

I was pleased to learn that all round bad egg Saddam Hussein is dead though less so at how the whole thing has been handled. Having witnessed the apparent relish with which the executioners went about their grim duty, I cannot help but think the world would be a better place if a large bomb had fallen on the death scene killing all present. I am normally opposed to the death penalty, however whilst a former dictator remains alive there is always the risk that they'll stage a comeback which would render the whole sorry war even more pointless and result in a bigger loss of life. That said I tend to agree with this:

'Would it not have made more sense to go through each of his crimes and put him on trial for each one? Would this not have helped the Iraqi people, and the relatives of the victims get justice for every crime he committed.'

Had the full nature of his brutality been exposed in court there might be a few less Iraqis mourning his loss today. I also can't see the harm in the Iraqi population learning the extent to which their former leader was happy to cuddle up to the west in exchange for arms and a blind eye being turned to his savagery. It would certainly show him up as the slimy, opportunistic, power junkie he was rather than the martyr recent events make him look. As for any embarrassment such revelations might cause in the west, who cares? It's common knowledge that we all used to be big pals, most people are either pragmatic, indifferent or appalled but unsurprised by this. It's hardly likely to lead to revolution.

Good God! That was all a bit serious for me. Tomorrow I shall write about rabbits and party poppers or a celebrity. I'm going for a lie down, I feel quite giddy.



ill man said...

Rotterdam, so much to answer for.............

(appologies to Morrissey&Marr)

Bock the Robber said...

I suppose after this the Yanks will just have to invade all the other power-mad murdering fuckers they supplied with guns over the decades. (In the interest of fairness and all that).

I didn't like the way they shouted at him while they were killing him. It's just not right to shout at the man you're choking.

Clairwil said...

'Rotterdam, so much to answer for.............'

Yes well at least you weren't responsible for booking the whole debacle.

'I didn't like the way they shouted at him while they were killing him'

Neither did I. There is no excuse for bad manners.

ill man said...

Oi! Wasn't a debacle. Loved Amsterdam and the first two days in the Rot were fine, due mainly to the rather fine hotel you got us. ;)

The Infante was nobody's fault. These things happen. I doubt I could have done half as well given the circumstances. Then again, the Europa was a good shout too.....

Who was the spud that pulled you out and gave you the lecture? Bloody hell, they sound like something from an episode of the Waltons....

Anonymous said...

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