I think I've upset Councillor Kelly!

Look what Councillor Kelly is saying about me. 'Poisonous drivel', 'weep for your country'. Oh dear. Mind you there is a tiny ray of hope in amongst all this which I've highlighted in bold for you. For God's sake put your pride and dignity aside! If enough of you tell him that you are just like me and a typical Scot -he really will pack it in! Go on your country needs you.

'Some people don't like me saying these things as well as my claim that my position is far more honest and benefits Scotland far more than theirs. I was told about a blog called 'clairwils' which is a good example of this, read it, and weep for your country, you could not make this poisonous drivel up, reactionary nationalism in it's most puerile form, written it would seem, late on in the pub after a beating by England, if I thought these people were in any way typical of Scots I really would pack it in.'


I notice the living argument against democracy couldn't answer any of the points I raised, which is perhaps why he didn't bother linking to me to let folk judge for themselves. Tee Hee Clairwil -1 Tezzabaws -0.

Toodle pip.


Billy said...

"reactionary nationalism in it's most puerile form"


This isn't going to turn into another Derbyshires-type incident is it?

Clairwil said...

Oh God!
I hope not. That's all I need the entire Kelly clan gunning for me.

Will said...

Somehow, 'gunning' doesn't seem right in this case in Our Tel's case.

'Peashootering', perhaps?

ill man said...

His use of, commas is fucking, bizarre. Do you think he's, unsure, of what he's, meant to do with, them?

Bovine, dogma swallowing fool that he is.

Oh God! Is this the "Creeping Totalitarian Socialism" that nice Mr Duff warned us about?


Clairwil said...

Or wobbling perhaps. I wonder what the collective name for a group of Scottish Labour councillors is.

'A corruption of councillors'

'A bloat of phoney lefties'

'A swagger of self-serving dullards'

All suggestions welcome

Clairwil said...

Ill Man
I don't know about the socialism part but his instincts are certainly totalitarian. He does not like dissent which maybe why his career in local government hasn't improved his debating skills one jot.

pond said...


Tom Tyler said...

See, what pisses me off about certain people is this. I don't look down on people just because they may not have the same skills in the use of the English language as I have (and mine are by no means perfect either). Case in point: The other day I did a Google Blog Search on the term "Ruth Kelly", just searching out people's opinions about her arrest, and I came across this result:

If you read her blog, then click on the user profile and read all her other blogs (which she has created because she's so dozy that she keeps forgetting her password, or else she lacks the literacy to type it in correctly), it's really quite hilarious at first, if you see what I mean. You can't help but giggle.
But then you think, well at least she isn't making herself out to be anything she isn't. Fair enough, she is a "lowly" checkout assistant, and she says so. OK, so who the fuck am I to laugh at her? Who the hell am I to say that she has any less right to blog than I have? See what I mean? I bet she's a really nice person. Fair do's.

No, what gets my goat is when you describe yourself as a former journalist, for heaven's sake, and you publish a blog like this:
** Oh shit! She's gone and done the same thing as Ms R. Kelly and changed her blog's layout! Sorry about this, it's been months since I last clicked on it, you'll just have to take my word for it here: The former template on this blog used to say "I am an ex-journalist...".

That's what sucks goat nipple, to me.

Billy said...

"His use of, commas is fucking, bizarre. Do you think he's, unsure, of what he's, meant to do with, them?"

I wouldn't say no if he decided to use paragraphs.

Clairwil said...

Cheers, I do try you know.

Tom Tyler,
I don't mind people aiming high and trying to better themselves but... well you despair really don't you?

Paragraphs, wit, punctuation anything correct really would be nice. You'd think he'd get Jolene or whatever she's called to proof read his ...um stuff before he posts it.

Heidi said...

Awright Doll face!

Left him a couple of comments. Let's see if he publishes them.

Clairwil said...

Well if his past form is owt to go by, I doubt it. We shall see.

Heidi said...

Powder Puff
Hes published one of my comments. I've handed him an olive branch I don't hold out much hope. He seems to take your persona at face value.

Keep it up sweet cheeks.

Larry Bogroll said...

You and your stormtroopers having fun here, Clairwil?

Clairwil said...

Oh yes, we always have fun on the dark side!

Anonymous said...

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