Not What I'd Call A Kiddie Fiddler.

This story has been a middle pages non-sensation in Scotland so I feel certain my friends in the other countries that make up our diamond of an island are oblivious to it. So let me give you the background. A young fellow who happens to play for the Scottish under-16 football squad filmed one of his friends having sex with a drunk fourteen year old girl. As far as I can make out the young pups were unsupervised at a party, got roaring drunk and crowded into a room to watch a boy and girl have sex.

I have to say I find this behaviour juvenile, coarse, spiteful, boorish and just yuck. Much as I would like to box the ears of all the boys involved, I really don't think it is a legal matter. Teenagers are hardly renowned for their alcohol tolerance or empathy. A good dose of parental shame would have sorted it.

A forty year old man filming a fourteen year old fucking is distributing kiddie porn. A gaggle of schoolboys showing the same film are reacting exactly the way you and I would if we stumbled across our boss trussed up like a turkey in 'Readers Wives'. More to the point the lads involved in this escapade were acting exactly as most boys would at that age. Again not an excuse, I'm just placing it in context.

The girl made the classic schoolgirl error of regarding her male classmates as drinking buddies as opposed to sexual predators. She's suffered enough. It's a harsh lesson. What on earth possessed her parents to drag this through the courts? Their daughter is not a child she is a woman with stabilisers. She's fucked up royally and will recover far better if everyone stops treating her like a victim. What good will any of this public humiliation do the teens?

The point I am wandering towards is that this could all have been resolved privately. Everyone involved could have been taught a lesson without having this blight on their lives. Instead we have young boys guilty of no more than idiocy placed on the sex offenders register and a young woman doubly humiliated by an unnecessary legal process. There was no paedophilia involved here just beginners at the sex game getting it very badly wrong.


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