Whit A Stooshie!

I've just been chuckling over Scotland's 2nd worst Sunday paper. They are very upset at 'sick' comedian Russell Brand spotted 'smirking' in the street after being questioned over a rape allegation. Jesus Christ no sodding wonder he's smirking. Surely the whole thing is a massive practical joke. Let's examine said allegation. Drunk woman goes home with a load of men, wakes up next day thinking she might have been raped but unable to remember anything about it. How in the name of Christ does she know she's been raped? Maybe she was running about naked yelling pile on lads. If she doesn't know how is a jury supposed to arrive at any sort of conclusion.The more time goes on, the more I think some people should have to sit an exam before being allowed out without a responsible adult.

In any case even if she has been raped what are the courts supposed to do about it, unless someone confesses. All that can be established is whether or not sex took place. The whole thing is gigantic waste of police time and makes women look like idiots.

Moving on I see a few people have got their drawers in a twist about the school children who booed at Tony Blair. For God's sake other than assaulting him, what else are we supposed to do with him? The man is a public servant on a very good wage, we own him, we can do what we like with him. I remember the first time I clapped eyes on Tony, mother turned to me and said 'yuck there goes the class sneak'. She was right, I'm sure it's not the first time he's been heckled by angry school children.

The main concern is that the children were manipulated by commies and didn't know what they were doing. I don't see the harm in it, the worst thing that can happen is that the kids will look back and think their behaviour was a bit silly. Quite frankly I don't see the difference between a pro-Blair headteacher lining up a load of horrid little sneaks up to shake hands with King Tony and a few anti-war types encouraging some well adjusted proper teenagers to boo at him. If I had a child and they sucked up to any elected official no matter how noble the official was, I would set fire to them. If you cannot think of a solitary thing to angry with a politician about as a troubled adolescent, you are worthless hole in air who should be shot. Harsh but fair.

The sole joy of being a teenager is that you know you are right and all authority is there to be mocked. I'm glad the teachers gave the kids a hard time though, if only so that another generation realises what reprehensible swines most the teaching profession are. It is well established that one needs to go through the phase of thinking all rules are the work of the devil, then you mature a bit and realise that we need some rules, though these should be bent for you and your friends when it suits. If you never question or at least sneer a bit authority you'll never develop proper self reliance and then you'll be sorry.

My greatest achievement as a surly teenager was being caught protesting against the Iraq war in the 90's. I'd love to say I stood tall in the face of the headmasters questions but I didn't. I calmly explained that the SWP had come to the school and lured us out and that we didn't know we were doing anything wrong. Happily the fool bought it. The truth that I was engaged in a sexual relationship with a 30 year old member of the SWP who had given me the leaflets to hand out at 'uni' (little did he know) would only have involved the authorities and upset my parents.

Finally you may be wondering who the lovely couple at the top of the post are. I'm pleased to say they are my ancestors. You can read Donald's account of emigrating to Australia here.
It is very funny indeed, he has a lovely turn of phrase and hates everyone. I should warn you all that some of it is bit racist. For the brain dead this is because it was written a very long time ago and standards were different then. It does not mean our Donald was the devil or that I'm, like a racist.



ill man said...
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