Will Write For Ready Money

There I was skim reading the Scum Manifesto earlier on and considering my plans to become president of an association when inspiration struck. No I am not going to shoot an artist. I would never shoot an artist. I must say shooting Andy Warhol rather put me off Valerie Solanas. He was a man of few words and didn't mean any real harm I do not think shooting him was the right course of action at all. To be honest I think sneaking up on him and kidnapping his wig would have been sufficient but then I'm not unbalanced. Though on the other hand I'd heard of her before I knew who he was, so I can't quite bring myself to hate her for it. It's an unfortunate business really, reminiscent of that awful feeling you get when two of your friends become sworn enemies.

Anyway I have wandered miles away from where I was going, as I was saying I was struck! I suddenly remembered that Valerie Solanas used to 'sell conversations', in practice I think this tended to mean that people used to pay her to fuck off but I have too much self respect to get into the harassing strangers game, instead I have harnessed the power of the internet.

Yes right now on yon ebay the lucky public can buy me as a penfriend for a period of three months. Admittedly no-one is buying yet but I remain optimistic. Well you have to don't you?


P.S For the love of God read this fool. READ HIM! READ HIS WORDS!

'Fred west, sutcliffe and copeland were homebred criminals and secondly they didn't demonstrate a hatred for the British people.'

- Um that would be apart from all the British people they murdered. Dearie Me!


Steve55 said...

Undeniably tempting!

First, however, before placing a bid, I need to know what sort of subject you enjoying conversing upon.

Dr Maroon said...

Copeland the composer?

margin walker said...

I was really tempted by the way..

ill man said...

The link to the sub BNP mob is a hoot. People who obviously have the reasoning skills of a distraught toddler. Also liked the post about the BNP going round to someones house to tidy their garden. Neo Nazi Ground Force!!!!

Binty McShae said...

I was going to bid but e-bay have removed your listing!

As for the BNP... their reasoning skills must be catching because the only words I can think of in response to them right now are expletives. Cunts.

Billy said...

"For the love of God read this fool. READ HIM! READ HIS WORDS!"

I did as you suggested. I am literally spluttering with disbelief. If this guy for real...? He can't be.

Clairwil said...

Apparently my listing violates some petty rule or another -wankers! All I sought to do was bring a bit of joy into people's lives and make myself some cash and look how I'm treated. However I'll be back.

As for the BNP I was tempted to give them a ring and ask if they'd be interested in doing a spot of housework for me.

David Duff said...

Why buy you from e-bay when I can have you (in the nicest possible way, you understand) here for nothing?

Anonymous said...

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