The mental crisis and enforced sabbatical continues. I must say it is quite soothing being at home, if only I could find a way to get paid for it I'd be laughing. Anyway I've only seven working days left of being ill then I'll need to go back, though I've a horrible feeling my problems have just started. Let's just say I'm not expecting much in the way of sympathy on my return to work.

On a happier note my Orange chums were back on the High Street yesterday including my second favourite Orange band Bridgeton No Surrender (above in blue). I must say there is nothing like the knowledge that Bridgeton will never surrender to reassure one. Whatever happens- soap, evolution, books, tolerance, nuclear war -Bridgeton is having none of it. My all time favourite Orange band hail from Thornliebank, I have no idea what they're really called but I have taken to referring to them as the 'paramilitary wing of the union of gay air stewards'. That last comment only makes sense if you see them, sadly they weren't out and about today but fear not July is not that far off.

I was trying to keep up this no looking at the news bit but I kept seeing references to some hideous crime committed by Cherie Blair all over the internet and felt compelled to investigate. I am of course referring to the auctioning of a signed copy of the Hutton report. I was discussing it with my mother who seemed to think it was further evidence of the Blairs having totally lost touch with the public. However how 'in touch' do you need to be to see that signing a copy of a report into a man's death is insensitive? For the love of God it's obvious to anyone who gives it more than a seconds thought. I am confident that by the year 2020 Cherie Blair will let you look up her skirt for a fiver.

I also note that the BNP have shown their true colours at last. Of course it was always apparent that they were a total bloody laughing stock, however the latest revelations are a wee bit more sinister. According to a report in today's Sunday Herald Tony Lecomber, a senior party official and close associate of Nick Griffin, had suggested assassinating senior politicians and members of the establishment deemed to be 'aiding and abetting the coloured invasion'. Mr Lecomber is no stranger to violence and has done time for attacking a Jewish man and more comically accidentally blowing himself up with his own nail bomb. Mind you the fellow making these allegations isn't much better having done time for sending razor blades to Jews and getting caught with knuckledusters and CS gas. Far be it from me to cast doubt on the BNP's claim to be a respectable political party. However to have not one but two criminal lunatics in fairly senior positions strikes me as being somewhat outwith the norms of British politics.

Right need to go a fight has broken out in the street and I'm off to watch.



Anonymous said...


There are 2 flute bands that hail from Thornliebank one being The Pride of the Village. Their uniforms are a bit gay, light blue and yellow. The other orange flute band are called Thornliebank Flute Band, one of the oldest flute bands in Scotland.


just setting the record straight ;-) depending on your slant

Clairwil said...

Many thanks anon. Are you an Orange expert? Do you play the flute or do you just like to observe. The Pride Of The Village sound like my camp favourites.

Anonymous said...

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