I Hate Housing Officers


I'm off work today, however I'm being driven mad by endlessly going over a client interview that took place earlier in the week. A very distressed woman appeared in my office with a problem she or rather her son was having with the jobsworths in the local housing office. Her son who suffers from mental health problems and is prone to violent behaviour had taken up pigeon fancying and built himself a doocot on a piece of waste ground. This had the happy effect of keeping him out of trouble and had significantly improved his behaviour.

However as is often the case when someone is enjoying themselves in a perfectly harmless fashion, some mean spirited petty little jobsworth has to stick their nose in. Apparently the land belongs to the local housing association. The land is currently used as a dumping ground for dog shit, old furniture and burnt out cars, not that you'd know that from talking to the housing who advise that the doocot is 'an eyesore' and 'unhygienic'. They have ordered the boy to take the doocot down because they might be building on the land. They haven't decided what or when they intend to build. They probably also know that their organisation recently announced it had no plans to build new housing in the foreseeable future. In other words there was no real reason the doocot had to be taken down. It's clear some malicious little prick has decided to bully a family who are what we termed 'a bit simple' in less p.c times, simply because he can.

What happened next was inevitable. The boy went round to the housing office and attacked the housing officer responsible for this outrage and will now have a criminal record to add to his worries. I'd love to report he did the little jobsworth serious damage, but he didn't. These creeps sit in their office goading people and hiding behind panic buttons and screens when faced with the consequences of their actions. These are the same creeps who seldom lift a finger to help tenants driven to distraction by anti-social neighbours. I have to say when I phoned the housing officer in question, I formed the view that his very existence is enough to provoke violent urges. What a pompous little prick he is!

It's the total lack of imagination of people in authority that depresses me. Why couldn't they have just turned a blind eye? The boy was happy, no doubt the neighbours were happy that he wasn't hanging about annoying them and some pigeons had a nice warm hut to live in. What in the name of God was the problem? To cap it all the family are now being threatened with eviction as a result of the entirely justified assault against the housing officer. I'm not saying someone should lock every last housing officer in their offices and burn the lot of them to a crisp, I'm just saying it would be no great loss if someone did.



Anonymous said...

Does it not tell you something that most people step over most of your posts as if they are particularly toxic dog turds.? Id like to hear the reaction in your house to cultivating pigeons in your areas. flying rats.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that post is bad? Cast your eye over her woefully niave, immature politics. Honestly it's land of the pygmy's time.

Clairwil said...

Good God! Why so shy? If I were even half as clever as your witty, succinct, perspicuous comments suggest you are, I'd leave my name.

Aine said...

Indeed, I have a few gripes about the housing office too. Twats.

I don't mind pigeons. What exactly is the problem? Give me a pigeon over an anonymous anyday.

Some Bloke said...

Sorry Clair but poster one and two do have a point.

A Housing Officer (even if he is "mean spirited petty little jobsworth") is perfectly entitled to carry out his employment without some feral thug committing GBH on him because he doesn't get to do whatever he pleases. There can never be "entirely justified assault" against government employees. You write about him getting a criminal record as if he was some sort of blameless victim!

Never mind the fact that these council workers are obliged to deal with the kind of people the majority of population are more than happy to avoid like the plague.

Housing Officers and other government officials don't have the authority to 'turn a blind eye' to unauthorised use of council land. And what happens when one day the land is to be developed?

Clairwil said...

some bloke,
For a start my name is Clairwil, not clair.

The boy in question is not a 'feral little thug', he is mentally ill. If your deeply 'tabloid' mentality can't take that in, try reading woman's blog which details the day to day rough and tumble she admirably manages dealing with an autistic son. Though no doubt you'll regard that as 'special pleading'- 'they didn't have autism when I was at school, therefore it doesn't exist'.

You further state that these 'council workers' deal with people society avoids, as if I'm viewing this from an ivory tower. I work in Easterhouse 40+ hours per week with the very people you refer to. I've found that if you actually engage with people as fellow human beings, they're right as trivets. A lesson DWP and GHA staff would do well to learn.

Housing Officers seem to able to turn a blind eye to anti-social tenants, damp, unsanitary conditions and far greater crimes than a doocot built on a dog toilet, so I dispute your assertion that they cannot turn a blind eye from time to time.

Posters one and two have a point do they? My papa kept pigeons in his council house for many years and my happiest childhood memories centre round caring for the baby pigeons and watching their parents soar about. So no I would have no objection whatsoever to someone building a doocot near me. As soon as I can afford a garden I will be building one of my very own. As for their other remarks I can only ask why you read a blog you have such a low opinion of.

Finally, you state that there can never be an entirely justified assault. I dispute this, the abuse of authority disgusts me and as such I fully support any gesture, however futile against it. Now go fuck yourself you tedious little shit.

Someguy said...

Frankly Clairwil you are so infantile that really you didn't deserve a reply in the first place. If you are typical of the sort of people who work in place like Easterhouse then it is no surprise the place is going to the dogs.

I have never read any of your "woefully niave, immature politics" referred to by anonymous, but with of your posting I can well understand.

Grow up Clairwil.

Anonymous said...

What a bizarre collection of weirdos. I wouldn't worry too much about it, though: I'm fairly sure they're all petty-minded little bureaucrats who're scared that one of *their* victims will twat them.


ill man said...

anon/some guy. What Clairwil is pointing out is that belligerence breeds belligerence. Treat people like shit and eventually someone is going to lose the plot.

Clairwil said...

Oh Some Guy, you are so generous I feel moved to tears. Thank-you so much for for replying to my post even though I didn't deserve it. Really, you are almost Christ like in your compassion.

Please help me to grow up and give me a few pointers. I am a mere silly, soft girl and only hope that you, wise one will find it in your heart to give a fuller explanation of where I am going wrong.

I would also be eternally grateful if you would clarify how my presence in Easterhouse is causing the place to 'go to the dogs'. I have no wish to cause trouble and am petrified of the possible consequences of turning up for work on Monday.

Jez said...

I haven't had any idiots on my blog complaining how awful it is for ages, and I'm starting to feel left out.

Spot on about the jobsworth. I wrote about them all the time when lived in Paris, because they kept descending on me with their pointless and irritating trivialities.


Clairwil said...

I hope you haven't jinxed yourself with the above comment. I'm baffled by the anonymous complainers. Why read something you don't like? It's their long suffering 'must I always be surrounded by idiots' tone that irritates me. I strongly suspect 'PDF' (above) is spot on about the identity of these anonymous twats.

Anonymous said...

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