Jodie Marsh makes me feel physically sick.


I had previously only been dimly aware of Jodie Marsh, however Celebrity Big Brother has changed all that. What a nasty piece of work she is. The woman is a stranger to the notion of taking responsibility for her own actions and seems to believe that it's fine for her to behave badly then turn on the waterworks when confronted. I'm not sure who would be foolish enough to be taken in by such a cheap and blatant piece of manipulation but I presume it's worked for her at some stage in her life. Her parents have a lot to answer for. Oh yes and she's fucking ugly. Anyway like most of the empty headed sieves that clutter up cheap TV and crappy magazines she has plenty to say.

"I'm glad she did Love Island because finally the world has seen how pig ugly she is ...She's got four chins and a beer gut and it's all airbrushed out of the pictures in the lads' mags."

-Jodie Marsh on Abi Titmuss

Compare and contrast the pictures above. I'm no expert but in one she looks fairly attractive and in the other she looks like a haggard 10p crack whore wearing a comedy nose. Could air brushing be responsible for this remarkable contrast? Pots and kettles spring to mind.

'I've got more style than Jordan, I don't go out in a bra and knickers and I don't dress like a tart'

-Jodie Marsh on Jordan

Jodie Marsh does not dress like a tart. Ha Ha Ha!

I really find Miss Marsh's nose extremely upsetting. It is one of the most remarkable examples of plastic surgery gone wrong I have ever seen. Imagine paying to have that freakish thing on your face. Is it a cry for help? A prank? It's not often I come to the conclusion that someone needs more plastic surgery, however I cannot help but notice that Miss Marsh's appearance would be vastly approved by the complete removal of her head. It would also stop her talking which would be a relief.

Finally this weeks Popbitch has this to say about Jodie Marsh;

Jodie Marsh got expelled from school when she was 16
for selling naked photos of herself to 6th form boys.
Her 12 year old brother took the photos. Class.

Is it just me or does that make your skin crawl? It draws my jaws together. Yuck.



Snotty McShot said...


And what's the story with the colour of her face? You could probably get some decent crackling off it by now.

alan said...

it's the word 'class' at the end of the popbitch thing that induces the projectile vomiting. and yes, that nose is bizarre. the only time i've seen anything like it was on a chiuah... chiuha... chihua... small dog that got hit in the gob by a boomerang.

Clairwil said...

She's beyond vile. Surely the lads mags can't be that short of titty flashing cover stars.

the anti-barney said...

She is rather pathetic,but perhaps more to be pitied than laughed at.
B.T.W.,how does one go about putting gratuitous pictures of semi-naked girls on one's site ?

Clairwil said...

To add gratuitous nudity to your blog, you need to surf Google images laughing in the face of copyright and save some pictures. Then you click the wee picture button when you're doing your post, click browse and thats it.

Pam said...

She is a Howlin' Hoorbag of the highest order.

Dr Maroon said...

I did wonder about her nose when I saw it.
Is it me, but in your bigger picture, is one tit (her right) bigger than the other? I've been looking at them for some time now and I don't think I'm imagining it. Maybe its leaking. What a shambles.

Clairwil said...

I think you're right doctor, I too have taken a long look at the tits pictured above and one does appear to be larger to the other. Poor wonky Jodie. Still on the plus side she does have an IQ of 136.

Anonymous said...

I'd bang her, then leave. I like Jodie Marsh! - Mr. Bouncy Techno

Anonymous said...

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