Spiers Parnie Are Money Grabbing Scum


Compare and contrast if you will the offices of Spiers Parnie with my description of the squalor in which, I now live. My walls are damp, now covered in mould and part of my living room ceiling has fallen in.

These parasites have fraudulently extorted £30 per month from me to manage my tenement. They now, have the effrontery to accuse me of being a bad payer and a repairs blocker. I have been in arrears twice with my account, once which I paid in full, though I note they still served me with a court summons for it and had to pay their own legal fees-the wankers.

The second occasion, I was out of work and unable to pay their excessive charges, I contacted them and attempted to make a payment arrangement, I won't bore you with the detail, suffice to say two MSPs got involved with negotiations and the matter was resolved.

I have also been accused of blocking a survey to the roof which would be fair enough-except it was never offered. I have had all sorts of veiled threats made towards me, to persuade me to drop my complaint. Oh dear! They haven't bargained on what a pain in the arse I am.

If these fuckers manage your property, change companies now! Even if you're in a modern property , you'll be facing what I am now in twenty years time. You only think they offer a good service because your property rarely needs repairs. If you'd like to offer support, underpay your charges by £1 and send them a copy of this post to explain why.


UPDATE: You will note from the comments below that I am not the only person to have been fucked over by Spiers Parnie. If anyone reading this has had any kind of difficulty with them, can they please get in touch with me. I have had some very good and free legal advice regarding factors from the lovely people at Citizens Advice, which I'd be happy to pass on to anyone having difficulty with Spiers Parnie or any other factor for that matter. Believe me, come the revolution property managers will be first against the wall.


Head Apollo said...

One of my close friends recently got screwed over by this very company because she refused to pay them to treat rot in her attic. This was based on three reports, one of which was very detailed and explained that there was no rot, one by someone who wasn't qualified and said he didn't know and one by a person who went into the attic for thirty seconds and said yes, there was rot. Then she was asked to pay for clearing rubble left by a contractor that they had hired. All the while they have either refused to discuss other options or made veiled threats to her.

Steve55 said...

As a fellow tenement dweller, I completely understand. When I entered my current "accommodation", they promised a washing machine. The blasted thing works for ten minutes, then starts jerking across the floor, banging into things, as if it were a faulty Dalek.

AND they won't fix the chandelier. Unbelievable.

Clairwil said...

That sounds very much like Spiers Parnie. I know it seems like a fairly trivial matter but these arseholes have had me on the verge of a breakdown several times during my various uniformly unpleasant dealings with them. However I have now taken advice on the matter and found to my surprise that I do have rights. If your friend would like to get in touch with me I might be able to offer her some help as I've been doing a fair bit of research into this. My e-mail address is clairwil123@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

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